The World’s Best Fishing Destinations for June

We track the best fishing for marlin and sailfish around the world

June 1, 2017

Where the Bite Is: June

June means blue marlin: They will be biting across the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico and in the South Pacific this month. Target these A-list predators by trolling a spread of artificial lures or rigged natural baits, with ballyhoo and Spanish mackerel leading the list of favorites. Large live baits like tuna and bonito will also work well when bridled to a large circle hook and slow-trolled in productive areas. Find and work weed lines, temperature breaks, drop-offs, edges and other bottom structure, and if you find large schools of bait, the marlin won’t be far behind.

Blue Marlin and Swordfish
The upper Gulf of Mexico lights up with great marlin action; deep-drop for a daytime sword.


Black Marlin
Light-tackle or fly opportunities abound for small blacks off Townsville in North Queensland.

East Cape, Baja
Super Slam
Chase blue, black and striped marlin, plus sailfish, in the Sea of Cortez.

Papua New Guinea
Blue Marlin
Discover a virtually untouched marlin fishery; huge wahoo also prowl the reefs.


Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Blue and White Marlin
Light tackle leads to great fishing for both species this month.

Blue Marlin
Explore a virtually untapped marlin bite.


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