Create a Bait-Rigging Station

This simple process turns your bucket into an efficient rigging station

bucket as rigging station
A bucket can be used as an efficient rigging station with a few additions.Capt. Jeff Wilson

Rigging baits while on the fishing grounds is an inevitable part of every fishing trip, and on Booby Trap, we use this simple bucket system for rigging swordfish baits.

bucket as rigging station
A cutting-board lid can fit on top and provide a working surface for rigging baits and more.Capt. Jeff Wilson

For a secure base and working surface, we added a nonslip ring for the bottom of the bucket, as well as a cutting-board lid that fits on top. Several different manufacturers make these, and you can pick one up at most tackle shops.

bucket as rigging station
The knives can be stored on the rim of the bucket.Capt. Jeff Wilson

Next, cut a piece of hose — I prefer polyester-reinforced clear PVC tubing — and through-bolt either end onto the inside rim of the bucket to create a place to stow your knives.

bucket as rigging station
The plexiglass protects you from the blades of the knives stored on the bucket's rim.Capt. Jeff Wilson

By siliconing a piece of plexiglass on the inside of the bucket, the blades of the knives are protected, preventing you from getting cut. I also added an old outrigger tip to hold a spool of floss to have handy when rigging, and you can even melt or drill holes in the top of the rubber hose for your rigging needles.