Best Dolphin Photos From Readers, Volume III

Marlin’s Facebook fans sent us their best offshore photos of mahimahi

Marlin’s Facebook fans are quick to share their personal success stories via photos. On a recent post sharing some of the best reader-submitted dolphin photos, Marlin’s fans again went into action, with more than 100 comments including their most-prized collection of mahimahi images.

Here are some of the best photos, now the third installment. Here are the first and second versions of the photo gallery.

This one was caught off the Bahamian island of Cat Cay.Courtesy Paola Perez
Mike Babb shows off his mahi.Courtesy Mike Babb
The close-up shot shows the fish's beautiful colors (we really love the blue phase).Courtesy Russ Housby
Sune Wernby is proud of this dorado, which he said weighed 36 pounds and was caught off the United Arab Emirates.Courtesy Sune Wernby
Brody Heath is all smiles, holding up his massive dorado.Courtesy Brody Heath
Phillip Du Plessis sent us multiple underwater shots.Courtesy Phillip Du Plessis
This fish weighed 72 pounds and was caught 60 miles out of Los Sueños on The Mainline.Courtesy Scott A. Edmonds
Damien Romero was fishing in the canyons off the New Jersey coast when he boated this 54-pound fish.Courtesy Damien Romero
Chris Roseman shows off one of his mahi catches.Courtesy Chris Roseman
Trey Claus with his lit-up dorado.Courtesy Trey Claus
This fish is still fighting as the angler pulls it into the boat.Courtesy Andres Pineda
The Fishing for Muscular Dystrophy team won first place in the 2016 MidAtlantic Tournament with this catch.Courtesy Fishing for MD
This dolphin is so long it nearly blocks out the angler.Courtesy Beto Mejia
Rodolfo Dodero (right) holds up his dorado, although he needed some help.Courtesy Rodolfo Dodero
Venice, Louisiana, is known for tuna but sometimes you'll get a nice dolphin, too.Courtesy Brad Nezat