Best Dolphin Photos From You: Volume I

Check out our winning dolphin and finalists, as well as even more great dolphin photos from our readers.

June 5, 2014
4_brian neal.jpg
When we asked for the Best Dolphin Photos From You, we received so many great photo submissions from our readers and fans that we can’t even fit them into one gallery. Click through Volume I of our contest entries to see our Top 10 finalists and winning photo, as well as more dolphin photos shared by our readers. FINALIST – Submitted by Brian Neal
2_bill pino.jpg
FINALIST – Submitted by Bill Pino
10_john stout.jpg
FINALIST – Submitted by John Stout Jerome Mosetic
6_daniel suarez.jpg
FINALIST – Submitted by Daniel Suarez
7_darren helwig.jpg
FINALIST – Submitted by Darren Helwig
8_darrion silva-2.jpg
FINALIST – Submitted by Darrion Silva
FINALIST – Submitted by Thomas Kosmoll
1_katerina braman.jpg
OUR WINNER! Congrats to Katerina Braman for submitting this year’s winning Best Dolphin Photo, as voted on by our readers and Facebook fans.
alan goins hot shots - 22_mel erickson.jpg
Submitted by Alan Goins Hot Shots – Mel Erickson
alan goins hot shots - 13_mel erickson.jpg
Submitted by Alan Goins Hot Shots – Mel Erickson
alex perdomo.png
Submitted by Alex Perdomo
andy watts_60lb.jpg
Submitted by Andy Watts
alan goins hot shots - 17_mel erickson.jpg
Submitted by Alan Goins Hot Shots – Mel Erickson
arrigo guardia-2.jpg
Submitted by Arrigo Guardia
arrigo guardia.jpg
Submitted by Arrigo Guardia
beez evans.jpg
Submitted by Beez Evans
bill kosiba.jpg
Submitted by Bill Kosiba
brittney novalsky.jpg
Submitted by Brittney Novalsky
brock majewski-2.jpg
Submitted by Brock Majewski
brock majewski.jpg
carlo mau asam.jpg
Submitted by Carlo Mau asam
carolina gentleman sportfishing-2.jpg
Submitted by Carolina Gentleman Sportfishing
chris wong.jpg
Submitted by Chris Wong
darrell primrose-2.jpg
Submitted by Darrell Primrose
dylan skinns.jpg
Submitted by Dylan Skinns
cody gavalier .jpg
Submitted by Cody Gavalier
frank rizzo.jpg
Submitted by Frank Rizzo
glenn farrell.jpg
Submitted by Glenn Farrell
glenn fennell.jpg
Submitted by Glenn Fennell
jeffrey friedland.jpg
Submitted by Jeffrey Friedland
john dwyer.jpg
Submitted by John Dwyer
greg poland.jpg
Submitted by Greg Poland
mark doyle.jpg
Submitted by Mark Doyle
matt rissell.jpg
Submitted by Matt Rissell
bobby fletcher.jpg
Submitted by Bobby Fletcher – “To catch the dolphin, you must be the dolphin”
parker rodrigue.jpg
Submitted by Parker Rodrigue
paul donovan.jpg
Submitted by Paul Donovan
ron aldridge - 35_mel erickson.jpg
Submitted by Ron Aldridge – Mel Erickson
soolyman sportfishing-2.jpg
Submitted by Soolyman Sportfishing
5_chang sien chin-2.jpg
FINALIST – Submitted by Chang Sien Chin
chang sien chin.jpg
Submitted by Chang Sien Chin

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