Marlin U How To: Lighted Swordfish Float

Use this tip to light up your nighttime swordfishing.

Swordfishing at night requires the use of large breakaway floats to keep lines spread apart and tangle-free. Balloons and plastic water bottles work but often pop or fill up and sink, which creates litter. Here is a simple reusable swordfish float that will keep the beach and water clean.

Start by saving your old worn-out outrigger clips (Blacks or Rupps work best). Run a piece of 300-pound mono through a 4- to 9-pound bullet buoy. Crimp an outrigger clip 6 inches below the buoy. Be sure to use a crimp protector to avoid line chafe. Use a large stainless washer and a bead to create a stopper on both ends of the buoy then crimp a small snap swivel to the top of the buoy. The addition of the snap swivel allows you to easily attach Cyalume sticks to the rig.

After the bait has been 
deployed to the desired depth, the buoy can be attached to the main line with a simple floss loop. Set the outrigger clip on the buoy at the desired tension. I set mine fairly tight, so I can remove the buoy with a firm pull when it reaches the rod tip. If it does break away, you can pick it up after catching your sword.

— Capt. Jason “Tiny” Walcott, West Palm Beach, Florida