Suzuki Debuts 350hp Engine

New four-stroke power from the popular builder

September 28, 2018
sport fishing boat with zuzuki outboard motors
Their largest motor to date, Suzuki products are known for outstanding performance and reliability. Courtesy Suzuki Marine

Suzuki Marine has debuted its latest model: the DF350A. At 350 hp, the V6 4-stroke is the largest and most powerful outboard Suzuki has built to date, representing a significant milestone in design and engineering.

“We have put a lot of work into this new outboard,” says Yasuharu Osawa, executive general manager of global marine and power products operation with Suzuki. “We have watched with great interest as boats have gotten bigger, especially the center console market, and we’ve seen an increasing preference for outboards on all kinds of boats that used to be exclusively stern drive or inboard.”

sport fishing boat suzuki outboard engine
The new 350hp engines provide outstanding torque in twin, triple or quad applications. Courtesy Suzuki Marine

Suzuki’s engineers achieved 350 horsepower while still designing a compact, lightweight powerhead. The 4.4 liter engine displacement is matched by a high-performance 12 to 1 compression ratio, the highest ever for a production outboard engine. A unique combination of cool air intake, dual fuel injectors and a strengthening of the pistons has virtually eliminated engine knock, a typical by-product of high compression engines.

two suzuki marine outboard engines
Available in two color patterns, the engines feature twin contra-rotating propellers. Courtesy Suzuki Marine

And while contra-rotating propellers are not a new technology, they have never been successfully used on outboard motors until now. The DF350A’s dual propellers provide three key benefits, compact size, increased stability and greater traction. By distributing the power of the engine over six blades, instead of just three, the size of the gears and gearcase could be kept to a minimum, which in turn allowed for the design of sleeker, more hydrodynamic gearcase.

The DF350A features Suzuki Precision Control, drive-by-wire throttle and shift controls. Captains will appreciate smooth shifting, precision control of the throttle, not to mention easier rigging, especially when second stations are involved.


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