How to Select Your Next Pair of Foul Weather Fishing Bibs

Foul weather gear bibs must provide water-protection and warmth against the elements.

November 20, 2019

Fishing on the boat in cold and rainy weather can be brutal. When the chillier months arrive each year, savvy anglers pull out the fishing bibs. Rain, cold wind, nasty seas with salt spray, and even snow are some of the conditions that anglers can encounter, depending on their location.

Fishing bibs are meant to warm and keep dry the angler’s legs all the way to their chest. Even so, layers of clothing should be worn underneath bibs for additional warmth. Bibs don’t cover the entire body, so deck boots, rain jackets and gloves are worn in conjunction with bibs to prevent water intrusion anywhere along the body.

With a basic understanding of fishing bibs, discerning consumers can pick the right bibs for the weather conditions they’ll experience. Fishing bibs resemble classic bib overalls you might see a farmer wear, but they are definitely not made of denim. Anglers should pick the bibs based on the materials they’re constructed from, such as nylon, canvas coated with PVC, or PVC-coated polyester. Consider the pros and cons of today’s fishing bibs on the market.


For the Regular Angler

Grundéns Weather Watch Fishing Bib Trousers
Nylon fishing bibs are a great option for anglers fishing in light rains and winds. Grundéns

TEXT: If searching for reliable fishing bibs that provide water protection in warmer climates, look for those crafted from nylon material. Grundéns Weather Watch fishing bibs are made from a tough, lightweight nylon material with an Oxford weave. The company adds a waterproof breathable barrier and Durable Water Repellant finish to additionally protect against the elements. When fishing in the heat, a breathable material that prevents sweating and overheating is crucial. The Weather Watch bibs also utilize fully taped seams, adjustable suspenders and adjustable ankle cuffs to keep out wind-driven moisture.

Up Your Protection

Grundéns Shoreman Fishing Bib Pants
The addition of PVC to fishing bib material decreases moisture and water intrusion, but lessens breathability. Grundéns

TEXT: If you want increased water protection and aren’t worried about breathability, look for a fishing bib with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material. PVC is a polymer commonly used in raingear as a waterproofing material. The Grundéns Shoreman Fishing Bib utilizes double-sided phthalate-free PVC polyester construction that’s quick drying, waterproof and stain resistant. The unique fabric also eliminates the needs for a fabric liner, providing odor resistance and easy cleaning.

The Worst Fishing Conditions

Grundéns Herkules 16 Fishing Bib Pants
Fishing in nasty cold weather for extended periods of time probably requires Grundéns heaviest fabric used in its Herkules bibs. Grundéns

If you’re a professional deckhand on a fishing boat or experience harsh cold and rainy weather conditions regularly, PVC-coated fishing bibs are a must. The heavy duty Grundens Herkules 16 are made from heavy cotton canvas coated with a special formulated polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The PVC coating resists fish and engine oils, plus maintains flexibility in extremely cold temperatures. The fishing bibs have reinforced hems with a riveted seam and are also fully reversible for extended wear.


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