Diesel Outboard Now a Reality

Ring Power has installed the first pair in North America

A pair of Cox 300 hp diesel outboards power an Intrepid Nomad 345.Courtesy Cox Outboards

While the introduction of diesel-powered outboard engines in the United States has mostly been a game of wait and see, that has become a reality in 2020: Cox Powertrain’s CXO 300 hp engines are now up and running on an Intrepid Nomad 345.

“The CXO300 engines are everything we expected and more,” says Royal Hendrix, sales and marketing specialist for Ring Power. "We cannot believe how refined they are. The production engines are smoother, quieter, faster and more responsive than the predecessor; [they] meet all our expectations and we continue to be amazed after every trip on the water. "

North America is predicted to be Cox Powertrain’s largest and most lucrative market, due to US consumer demand for newer, technologically advanced, higher horsepower engines. Cox has developed an excellent US-based sales and customer support team to work in collaboration with the network of local dealers and provide the highest standard of support for its customers.

Headquartered in Saint Augustine, Florida, Ring Power Corporation is one of the largest Caterpillar equipment dealers in the southeastern United States. They were named Cox Powertrain distributors in 2019.