Top Fighting Chairs

The fighting chair remains the best seat in the house.

Fighting chairs allow anglers of all shapes and sizes to battle the world’s largest marlin and tuna in relative comfort.File Photo
The leverage that comes with a well set up chair allows any-size angler to apply incredible drag pressure.Scott Kerrigan /
When the rod can clear the corners, the captain has a much easier time when the fish tries to dig deep during the last stages of the fight.Scott Kerrigan /
On larger sport-fishers, chairs need an offset stanchion that allows them to swing out and clear the corners with the rod tip.Scott Kerrigan /
The Battle Saddle from Release Marine is a great alternative to a full-size fighting chair.Courtesy Release Marine
This luxurious Large Tuna All-Teak Fighting Chair with a six-rod rocket launcher from Murray Products shows you how a very strong piece of equipment can also be beautiful — form can follow function.
Trillion Series Fighting Chair by Release Marine
Large Marlin Fighting Chair by Bluewater Chairs
International 130-Pound African Teak Fighting Chair by Pompanette