Tropic Star Lodge to Assist in Dolphinfish Research

Program expands efforts to Panama

Tagging and tracking gamefish helps scientists learn more about the patterns and movements of such a viable species like this one.Courtesy Wessley Merten, Ph.D./Dolphinfish Research Program

For over 50 years, Tropic Star Lodge has not only provided sport-fishing enthusiasts the ultimate in offshore experiences, they have also been involved in many conservation programs and efforts, including the adoption of circle hooks in the early 1990s and the release of all cubera snapper and roosterfish from their shores.

The Dolphinfish Research Program, a nearly two decade-long platform made possible by multiple grants from the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, is part of the 501(c)(3) Beyond Our Shores Foundation which is aimed at gathering study results by way of tagging and recapture reports to track movement patterns and movements of dolphinfish, also known as mahimahi in the U.S. and dorado in Central and South America.

The DRP will be outfitting TSL’s fleet of Bertrams in November with tag sleeves and begin satellite tag deployments to gain a knowledge of migration and movements originating in the Piñas Bay, Panama area — a 20-mile-long non-commercial fishing zone that is aimed at protecting all billfish and roosterfish from harvest.

Dolphin are a critical food source for many pelagics, including each other, and have a significant impact on offshore species of all kinds and is worthy of study.

If you would like to see how you can help the DRP fulfill their 2018 tag goal, sponsor tags, or learn more about the effort, please visit or