Women's 50-Pound-Test-Line-Class World Record Wahoo

Garbrielle Knapp landed this massive wahoo in 1996

50-pound-test-line-class world record wahoo
50-pound-test-line-class world record wahoo.Courtesy IGFA / igfa.org

One of heaviest wahoo ever recorded by the IGFA was caught by angler Gabrielle Knapp on March 1, 1996, while fishing off San Salvador in the Bahamas. The massive 153-pound, 8-ounce wahoo crushed a rigged ballyhoo that Knapp was trolling behind the NuCO2, captained by Chris Flewellen. The catch earned Knapp the women’s 50-pound-test-line-class world record and is one of seven wahoo records that have been caught by anglers fishing out of San Salvador.