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September 16, 2013

Tips and Techniques

A collection of some of the best boat and fishing tips.

Wiring for Newbies

A pinch and pull is still effective and won't put novice wire men in dangerous situations.

If you’re a novice angler and get lucky and hook and fight a really big fish up to the boat, I hope for your sake you have a wind-on leader, especially if you don’t have a really expert wire man on board. Crewmen with little or no experience should never take wraps on a big fish. Forget about pulling the leader with wraps.

Instead, while wearing gloves and using both hands, pinch the leader between your thumbs and forefingers, with your thumbs facing up and the leader going through your hands to the fish. The angler can now go to full drag, and with the help of the pinch and pull on the leader, the two can raise the fish to within gaff or tag range.

If the fish reacts to the increased pull with a sudden dash for freedom, let go and ease off the drag a little bit. As long as you don’t break the leader, you’re still in the game. Learning when to let go is more important than learning how to pull hard with wraps!

Capt. Peter B. Wright Stuart, Florida