VIDEOS: Lady Anglers in Action

Women anglers catching up billfish in all directions and places.

One of the big fallacies surrounding big game fishing is the idea that you have to be a big strong guy to catch a marlin on a rod and reel. Nothing could be further from the truth. Big game sportfishing is a we _thing, not a _me thing!

It takes a team to catch a marlin on sporting class — 130-pound and under — line. No one can wench a 300-pound marlin to the boat on 12-pound line. But with the right captain, crew and angler, you can get close enough to get a tag in the fish. That's why ladies tend to be so good at our sport; they listen intently and have patience (Unless, of course, you happen to be married to them — but that's a different subject!). If you want proof of how easy it is for the ladies to subdue billfish on almost any kind of tackle, take a look at these ladies in action! - Dave Ferrell