VIDEO: 600-pound Blue Marlin Lights Up a Dolphin in Midair

Nature in action can be a beautiful thing - check out this blue on the hunt for this dolphin.

February 19, 2015

Capt. Mark Garry, aboard the Fishizzle, was trolling for sailfish and dolphin in Los Suenos, Costa Rica. But, instead of hooking up, he saw nature in action.

“We were trolling up sailfish and dorado, all hell broke loose on our starboard side,” Garry says on his YouTube posting. “A 500-600 lb Blue Marlin was chasing a huge dorado, at least 25 lbs. The marlin made several attempts at the dorado, and the last we saw of both of them was when they passed five feet away from us. The dorado was on the tail of the marlin (I guess that’s the furthest place from his bill!)”


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