Readers tell us why they are Marlin’s Biggest Fan

A few entries selected from the over 250 we received.

October 4, 2011

Here are some of our favorite entries from the Fishing With Ferrell contest, where readers answered the question: “Why do you think you are Marlins Biggest Fan?” Our grand prize winner will be announced at the end of October at the 2011 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and then here at

I absolutely love Marlin magazine and look forward to each month’s copy! As someone who has lived on the S.C. coast my whole life but fished inshore, I can only look at the pictures and dream of what it would be like to catch such awesome fish as shown in your magazine, and be able to visit the beautiful places where they are caught. I read my magazine cover to cover and then take them and give them to my inpatient hospice veterans that I care for here in Charleston, S.C., so that they too can look at the pictures, read the stories and like me, dream of what it would be like to “be there.”

Mary B.


I have dreamed of catching a sailfish and read about it all the time. I want to be ready!

David H.

From the time I was a young boy I dreamed of catching marlin. Then I went into the Navy, they sent me to Pearl Harbor. I would shore fish all the time, then my friend bought a boat. It was only 15 feet, yet big enough for us. The first time we took it out, I landed an 81-inch blue marlin — a baby. From that day forth I have been obsessed with marlin. They are the most incredible fish on earth, and this magazine keeps feeding the fire of my love.


Joshua R.

As the sun raises and sets the true spirit of the fisherman’s dreams — the battle and rush of a fish on — is kept alive by the reality for young and old for generations to come by Marlin magazine.

Thomas L.


I am the Marlin’s Biggest Fan because I dream of the smell of the salty breeze, the sound of the boats engine revving up before the sun rises, and most of all anticipating the sound of the line whizzing and jumping into action. I get a hint of these sensations every time I open Marlin magazine. I love seeing the photos of other women like me reeling in the fish and seeing the pride and excitement in their eyes.

Julie W.

Simply put, you get me fishing with every issue. I live in the mountains of Idaho and when winter comes and stays for 8 months every year, you get me on the water and share the thrills of big game fishing adventures. It’s something I have not experienced firsthand, so Marlin magazine provides a vicarious adventure with each issue


Tom K.

I’m Marlin’s Biggest Fan because it made me live and be a part of it. When I lived in NJ, I dreamed of the fishing I saw and read about even though I fished and worked the Jersey Coast all my life. I hopped into my truck with two grand and drove to Florida to live the dream! Followed a gig there from Jersey, an American Custom yacht being built to travel the world but it fell through. Started beating the docks at Saifish Marina, cleaning engine rooms for a pair of Costa Del Mars, washing the charter boats after they came in, maintaining a Rybovich until I was called upon to fill in as mate last-minute to cover a trip. No matter what, my dreams and visions from Marlin wouldn’t be denied! Three seasons at Sailfish Marina, Bahamas, Cancun, Costa Rica and beyond — it was reality! Blue Marlin, White Marlin and tons of Sailfish!

Joseph B.

Everyday I search my e-mail looking for that special mail marked love the photos and action trailers that entertain and delight me for hours. I can feel the wind in my hair and spray of fresh salt water on my face. It makes me feel like on vacation in one of your wonderful boats. Thanks Marlin.

Jennifer K.

I have been a long time fan of_ Marlin_ Magazine. Not just for the outstanding articles but the amazing action photos it provides its readers. I’m an avid female angler with a passion for the sport both in and off-shore. The many rigging tips I have acquired from Marlin Magazine have been priceless. Many of my catches have been produced by just such knowledge gained from your magazines sources. I’m not just a fan but feel like a member of an elite group of readers that share a common element of likewise interest to the sport of fishing. Marlin Magazine is a resource of up to date tournament information, latest sport fishing apparel and awesome destination sites. It’s the go-to for all my angling needs. I look forward to the news letter each month as well. Call me a Marlin Magazine Fan….I call it your BIGGEST FAN. Plus it’s been a life long dream of mine to fish with Dave Ferrell.

Michelle O.

Marlin Magazine is the best all around fishing and sport magazine in the world. Over the years Marlin magazine photos and articles are much better and professional than other magazines in the business. Marlin has taught me how to renovate and improve my fishing skills. The magazine and website have the best photos, videos and documents about fishing in the world. One of my dreams came true because of Marlin magazine: when I read an article about Casa Vieja Lodge in Guatemala and the great sailfish fishing there. One year later I fished the Pacific Ocean for my first time and caught 35 sails, 1 blue marlin and a bunch of dorados in just two days. Thanks Marlin magazine.

Dr. Lionel R.

My last two ex-wives threw Marlin magazine (amongst other items) at me as they knew that along with Bluewater magazine they were the things that I treasure most. I am a game fishing fanatic, fishing around the world is my absolute passion, I spend countless hours scouring Google earth for new reef systems, remote atolls and sea mounts that just may hold that next amazing fish, with what I learn in Marlin magazine and what I find on Google Earth, I have found some incredible little visited fisheries, and have many more yet to go.

Mike H.

Fishing is my favorite thing to do in the world! I hope to be a fishing charter captain and marine biologist when I am older. Salt water fishing is the best to me. I caught my first big fish when I was 7, a 47-inch barracuda, that I have mounted over my bed. I started reading Marlin and watching every fishing show on TV. Now I’m 10 and last year I my dad took me deep sea fishing and I caught my first billfish, a spearfish, last year. I hope I can catch a sailfish this year. I am Marlin’s biggest fan!

Cade W.

I’m a poor working man caught in love in a rich man’s sport. Deep sea fishing 27 times, only caught marlin on two occasions. The first time was fishing a Los Suenos tournament and I caught three blue marlin. The very next day I caught a striped and with seven minutes left in the tournament, I caught a blue. Needless to say, I am so hooked. There is nothing like doing battle with marlin. But, work, vacation time, limited funds, etc. make the opportunity extremely limited. That said, I read every article of_ Marlin_ magazine I can get my hands on. I know the information is top notch. I need to make the most of any opportunity, because who knows when the next marlin will strike, but when it does, I’ll be ready and what a great day it will be.

Michael R.

Because I’ve been reading Marlin for many years. It’s my escape to all the great fishing destinations that I have not yet been able to fish. That may change in a few years with retirement, but I’ll still use Marlin as my travel guide in planning those trips. Marlin covers big game fishing better than any other source that I’ve found.

Jason M.

I have been fishing since I was knee high with my grandfather who just past away last year. The two of us have caught just about everything that swims on his 1980’s 54 Bertram sportfish from Cape Cod down to Jupiter, Florida. When he died at the age of 94 in June of 2010 I thought the greatest tribute I could make was to finally land my blue marlin. I ran my 30′ center console out to Abaco and spent 4 weeks in August combing the outer islands. Probably a bad idea to be out there solo, but was so determined to land my blue, I didn’t care. I slept on the front deck covered by a tarp and fished both riggers and 6 lines sunup to sundown. Didn’t see one marlin. After asking around the docks I finally figured out that I had missed the peak season by a few months, so I urge all you readers to never take fishing advice from Wikipedia! Shortly after I came home to Rhode Island, I ordered my subscription to Marlin Magazine. Marlin mag has been so insightful with rigging, spreads, locations, and seasons tips that I relied on this past spring (which I did 2 weeks in May/June to Abaco) I know that if I hadn’t hit a reef and had been dry hauled for over a week, I would have had my shot at a blue largely thanks to the tricks and tips I picked up from Marlin mag. Thanks guys and keep it up. My blue marlin is coming soon.

Andrew C.

Marlin has been giving me my sport fishing fix since I moved away from being close to saltwater in 1985. I collected Marlin magazines like most people collected Playboys. If I had all the money that I have spent on the magazine I would not need to win this trip because I could afford to go to Costa Rica. Marlin has made me the do it yourself fisherman I have become. One of my largest blue marlin to date was caught in June of 2007. The next week Marlin‘s top lures of all time was the issue and guess what lure I caught the blue on the week before, the Mold Craft on the cover. I just really enjoy the magazine and read it cover to cover at least three times every issue. I don’t know if these reasons make me the biggest fan but I am a pretty big fan.

Browne M.

Because I weight about 300 lbs! I’m bigger than most!!

Eric S.

Just like I used to look at the Christmas toy catalog from Sears when I was a kid, I look at the issues of Marlin and dream… One day, maybe I can catch one of these magnificent creatures, and have the ultimate pleasure of witnessing its amazing beauty and power and releasing it to share its gift again with another angler.

Michael R.

Because it is very informative on how to fish for all types of fish as well as how to prep, set up ect. When I read some of your articles I feel like I am right in the action and the pictures well, “forget about it” unreal, spectacular shots all the time. When I see Mr. Ferrell on Florida Fishing Report, he makes me laugh all the time — really great magazine. Wish I were a part of it all or my dad was Mr. Ferrell — tight lines and sharp hooks.

James B.

There’s nothing better than seeing them on your line and breaching. It’s awesome.

Jeff D.

I usually get my neighbors copy of_ Marlin_ when he is finished with it and it is my fantasy magazine. It is my dream to be able to take a trip of this caliber with my brother. I am retired and my brother is about four years behind me and our dreams are constantly fueled by Marlin.

Clayton J.

A fishing trip on a Florida vacation got me “hooked” on deep sea fishing, but my dentist’s subscription to “Marlin” got me hooked on your magazine. It’s my favorite read (escape) of any magazine I’ve found in any waiting room! You don’t know how appealing your magazine is in the middle of winter in Fargo, ND, waiting for a root-canal. So I’m a big fan!

Rita R.

Being a huge offshore fishing fan isn’t the easiest craze to deal with when you are a recent college grad dealing with no summer vacation and no funds to support your desire to get out and fish. Having grown up with big time sport fisherman taking me fishing I have been hooked on it since I was a young kid landing dolphin and wahoo. For the last couple of years I have been visiting my local book superstore on a monthly basis to purchase a copy of the latest Marlin Mag. Although I typically read through most of the magazine while I am at the store I always find myself buying a copy just so I can go home and look up all the cool new gear and techniques that are in each issue. Marlin Mag has been a huge part of keeping me tided over between the times that I am able to scrounge up some cash and some vacation days and get out on the water.

John H.

No one puts you into the action and takes your to the beautiful and exotic places like_ Marlin_. It’s an adventure in every page. Love the photos and action shots included with the stories

Brad J.

I have been a subscriber for 20+ years because Marlin covers offshore species only and provides the most comprehensive coverage of electronics, rigging, engines, travel, and new innovations. I routinely cut out at least 3-5 articles per issue and have accumulated a library of articles that cover the tactics and areas that I want to travel to.

I have used the knowledge I gained in_ Marlin_ to capture 7 out of the 9 billfish species and am on my way to getting my Atlantic blue and spearfish in the next year. The authors in Marlin are authorities and I look to them to find the latest spot to travel to or try new techniques they mention.

I am now reading_ Marlin_ to my 5.5 and 4 year old sons and they look forward to the images of marlin slashing bait schools, tuna busting on top, and we discuss places we plan on travelling to. My 5.5 year old son John caught his first billfish in March this year and we look to all join the royal slam club together with_ Marlin_ providing the details on where and when to travel.

Capt. Stephen R.

I am eight-teen years old and I am Marlin‘s biggest fan. I love fishing with a passion and I never have missed an edition of Marlin. I try to fish every chance I get and learn as much as possible about fishing. My biggest dream is to be able to travel the world fishing and make a career out of sport fishing. I even cut out my favorite photos from Marlin and hang them on my walls to keep me inspired and focused on my dreams. Winning this trip would be an unforgettable experience and a great start to making my dreams come true.

Brody M.

I love to fish. I’ll fish for anything, anywhere, anytime. It is my escape. It rejuvenates whatever bit of sanity I still possess. I especially love being out on blue water and have always dreamed of catching a fish bigger than I am. When I’m not fishing, the closest I can come to finding that inner peace is looking through your magazine or website at the unbelievable pictures, reading the stories and imagining what it’s like out there while I’m trapped on land.

Eric A.


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