Photo Gallery: Day One of the Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown, Leg III

A look around the docks during the third leg of this year's Triple Crown in Costa Rica.

Bill Royster Los Suenos
Sandra Gutierrez and Los Sueños visionary Bill Royster get ready for the first day's fishing on Numero Uno.Courtesy Pepper Ailor /
Penny Perfect Los Suenos
The Marlin Darlin returns from fishing on Day One.Courtesy Pepper Ailor /
Bob Burnside Pescadora
Bob Burnside's Pescadora team, always tough competitors in any tournament.Courtesy Pepper Ailor /
Los Suenos marina sunrise
Sunrise over the world-class Los Sueños marina.Courtesy Pepper Ailor /
Los Suenos docks
The docks come alive as the crews get set for the first day of Leg III.Courtesy Pepper Ailor /
Sailfish Los Suenos
A sailfish takes to the air on Day One. There were 649 sails and two marlin released on the first day of fishing.Courtesy Pepper Ailor /
Los Suenos Pacific
Los Sueños sits on the edge of paradise on Costa Rica's Pacific coast.Courtesy Pepper Ailor /
Los Suenos Costa Rica natural beauty
Costa Rica is known around the world for its natural beauty.Courtesy Pepper Ailor /
Sailfish Los Suenos
Lots of Pacific sailfish like this one make the Los Sueños Triple Crown one of the most competitive series of tournaments anywhere in the world.Courtesy Pepper Ailor /
Larry Drivon Richard Lebo Spanish Fly
Larry Drivon and Richard Lebo get set to fish on Spanish Fly.Courtesy Pepper Ailor /
Gray Ingram Trophy Box Big Oh
Gray Ingram is all smiles at the captain's meeting. His Trophy Box had a great first day, scoring 22 sailfish releases.Courtesy Pepper Ailor /
Flor de Cana girls Los Suenos
The Flor de Caña was flowing during the welcome party.Courtesy Pepper Ailor /
Ashley Bretecher Los Suenos
Tournament director Ashley Bretecher, hard at work during Leg III.Courtesy Pepper Ailor /
Steve Goione Los Suenos artist
Steve Goione, the tournament's official artist, displays his work during the welcome party.Courtesy Pepper Ailor /
Reel Screamer Los Suenos
Mark Wodlinger, Jim Vaughan and Scott Rickert from Reel Screamer, ready to roll on Day One.Courtesy Pepper Ailor /
Tranquilo Ken Cofer Los Suenos
Ken and Amanda Cofer and the Tranquilo team scored 16 sailfish releases plus one blue marlin on Day One.Courtesy Pepper Ailor /