Photo Gallery: Final Sail in Key West

The Southernmost City hosts a great wrap-up to the Quest for the Crest series

April 19, 2016
Captain's meeting for the Final Sail tournament
A great party starts with great food and the Final Sail captain’s meeting was certainly no exception. Endless Imagery /
Les Stewart Contender Boats
Les Stewart, right, from Contender Boats was on hand to wish everyone good luck during the tournament. Endless Imagery /
Stephanie Choate and Capt. Ray Rosher at the Final Sail in Key West, Florida
Capt. Ray Rosher, right, and Stephanie Choate were all smiles during the welcome party. Endless Imagery /
Key West sunset
The participants were treated to a spectacular Key West sunset as the welcome party wound to a close. Endless Imagery /
Boats return to Final Sail after Day One
A few of the tournament boats return to port from the first day’s fishing. Endless Imagery /
C1 team costa and contender
C1 drops off their scorecards to the tournament committee before heading back to the dock. Endless Imagery /
Utopia team Sea Hunter
Utopia had a great first day in their SeaHunter, setting the stage for their eventual second-place finish in the Final Sail tournament. Endless Imagery /
Just Do It Key West sailfishing
Just Do It had a fine day offshore, keeping themselves in the hunt for a top finish. Endless Imagery /
Peter Adrian 4 Aces Final Sail Key West, FL
Peter Adrian’s 4 Aces crew was happy with their finish: third overall plus second place in several daily jackpots for a nice payday. Endless Imagery /
Sandman winners of 2016 Final Sail in Key West Florida
Sandman heads in with flags flying. They released 21 sailfish in three days to win the tournament. Endless Imagery /
Sandman winners of Final Sail in Key West Florida
The champagne flies for Sandra MacMillan and the Sandman team once their victory was announced. Endless Imagery /
Utopia 2016 Quest for the Crest champions
Utopia earned enough points in the Final Sail to be crowned the 2016 Quest for the Crest champion team. Endless Imagery /

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