Photo Gallery: Day Two of the Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown, Leg III

A few sights from the second day of fishing in Costa Rica

April 2, 2016
Alpha Bravo Los Suenos
Alpha Bravo heads out for Day Two of the Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown (Leg III). Courtesy Pepper Ailor /
Los Suenos marina
The quiet before the storm at the Los Sueños marina. Courtesy Pepper Ailor /
Tournament observers Los Suenos
A few of the tournament’s certified observers gather for a quick breakfast and a check of the standings before heading to their assigned boats. Courtesy Pepper Ailor /
Mate bait and teasers
A mate’s work is never done. There are always baits to be prepped and teasers rigged before the boat leaves the dock. Courtesy Pepper Ailor /
Reel Screamer Viking Los Suenos
Reel Screamer prepares to depart the marina on Day Two. Courtesy Pepper Ailor /
Uno Mas Los Suenos
Uno Mas throttles up for the fishing grounds. Courtesy Pepper Ailor /
Uno Mas Los Suenos
Another shot of Uno Mas. Courtesy Pepper Ailor /
Reel Joy Los Suenos
Reel Joy trolls the rip. Note the spotters in the tower and the anglers ready for a bite. Courtesy Pepper Ailor /
gyro stabilized binoculars Los Suenos
A good pair of gyro-stabilized binoculars helps the captain spot birds and fish from several miles away. Courtesy Pepper Ailor /
High Hook angler freespool
A High Hook angler stands ready for the bite, with the reel in freespool ready to feed line through the outrigger clip in an instant. Courtesy Pepper Ailor /
Sun protection Los Suenos
Long days in the blazing sun require good protection. A long-sleeve moisture-wicking shirt, hat and lightweight face guard help prevent a nasty sunburn. Courtesy Pepper Ailor /
Sailfish jumping Los Suenos
A feisty sailfish takes to the air. There were 457 sails and three marlin released on the second day of the tournament. Courtesy Pepper Ailor /
Lit up sailfish Los Suenos
Another look at a beautifully lit-up sailfish from the Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown tournament in Costa Rica. Courtesy Pepper Ailor /

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