Paul Mann 76 Engine Installation

Watch the progress of Hull 139 with the delivery of two gigantic diesel engines

Full Time, the new 76-footer from Paul Mann Custom Boats in Mann's Harbor, North Carolina, recently took some major steps forward with the delivery and installation of her two massive MAN diesel engines. The boat, hull number 139 from Mann, was designed in collaboration with Ullberg Yacht Design and has a four-stateroom, four-head layout, among other features you can read about here. She's a cold-molded jig-built boat in the traditional style of Carolina boatbuilders, while utilizing the latest in construction techniques and materials, with the superb attention to detail that's a Paul Mann trademark.

Paul Mann says: "Our team did a flawless job of installing the new state-of-the-art Tier 3 MTU Series 2000 M96 engines. These new 16-cylinder engines are not only powerful, with each engine generating up to 2,600 hp, but also the power-to-weight ratios is unsurpassed in the industry, enhancing fuel efficiency, and making them a brilliant power choice for this yacht. Proud owner, proud captain, proud builder and proud craftsmen!"

As the boat nears completion, work will now turn to the installation of the remaining mechanical systems now that the helm deck is in place. We will continue to post updates on this build as she prepares to hit the water in the coming months.

View our photo gallery of the Paul Mann 76 boat build from the beginning of the process to its current status.