Ocean City Light Tackle Club 65th Annual Derby Final Results

Legacy wins with 5,700 points

September 28, 2012

The Ocean City Light Tackle Club, one of the oldest fishing clubs in the United States, recently had its 65th Annual Derby Sept. 13, 14, 15 out of Oregon Inlet, NC. There were 14 of the finest boat crews in the world participating. Each boat carried 3 OCLTC Derby participants. The 42 anglers all used 30 lb test Tournament grade line and fished according to IGFA rules.

   The great weather and fishing were second to none!  Overall, there were 21 blue marlin caught and released, 27 sailfish caught and released and 183 white marlin caught and released. All were caught with non-offset circle hooks. The total billfish released was 233 or 5.5 per boat per day!

   There were 2 boats with Double Grand Slams (“Legacy) with Captain Tony Tillett and Captain-Mate Jordan Croswait and (“Skirt Chaser”) with Captain Barry Daniels and Captain-Mate Bo Dobson.  Two boats, the “Obsession” and “Sea Toy” had Grand Slams.

Scoring was as follows. 100 points for a sailfish released, 200 points for a white marlin release and 300 points for a blue marlin released.

   The top 3 boats were “Legacy” with 5,700 points, “Skirt Chaser” with 3,900 points and “Smoker” with 3700 points.

  The top 3 teams (made up of 3 anglers) were: 1st Place, Jim Frack, Joseph Zimmer III and Mike Sparco who caught and released 4 blue marlin, 2 sailfish and 17 white marlin. They will be invited to attend the IGFA World Offshore Tournament to be held at a later date. 2nd place team, Chuck DiNapoli, Randy deLeon and Ron Martin. 3rd place team, Jim Kramer, Terry Detrich and Tony Calabrese

The 1st Place angler was John Murray with 2,500 points, 2nd Place angler was John Bailey with 2,000 points and 3rd Place angler was Terry Detrich also with 2,000 points. There were 3 anglers who had personal “grand slams”. These were Mike Sparco, fishing on the “Skirt Chaser”, Randy de Leon fishing on the “Legacy” and John Bailey fishing on the “Sea Toy”

 As usual, the Derby included one “Fun fishing “day and that day proved to be more of the same great fishing. The “Smoker” had a Double Grand Slam as anglers John Bailey and Rob Readmond scored individual Grand Slams.

 All the angler boat assignments were determined by a Boat Draw held at the opening night dinner. The draw was designed such that no angler fished on the same boat more than once and no angler would fish with another angler more than once.

With great people, great crews, great weather and great fishing, a great time was had by all.

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