A Grand ol’ Time

The 2016 No Sancocho Sailfish Shootout in Guatemala

The No Sancocho Sailfish Shootout is a must-fish event where anglers donate money for every missed fish to help support the improvements of a local Guatemalan school.

These koozies were a constant reminder of our mission during the 2016 No Sancocho Shootout at Casa Vieja Lodge: hook sailfish and marlin while avoiding a sancocho.Courtesy Casa Vieja Lodge
The crew on Pez Raton found consistent action during the week, including a sailfish tripleheader.Andrew Cox
This dreaded sancocho required a $20 donation, which was happily made.Andrew Cox
One of the 378 sailfish released by the fleet.Andrew Cox
The mysterious “Tequila Donkey” made a guest appearance at Casino Night.Courtesy Casa Vieja Lodge
A mariachi band welcomed crews back to the lodge after the final day of fishing.Courtesy Casa Vieja Lodge
The water balloon fights between boats were a sight to behold.Andrew Cox
The crew from Cummins aboard Finest Kind tallied two blues on the first day, and the marlin were personal firsts for two anglers.Andrew Cox