Cat Cay Tuna Tournament to Resurface in June 2014

After more than two decades, the prestigious tourney is back.

cay cay

cay cay

Photo by Edward Betts, Wikimedia Commons

After a 23 year hiatus, the Cat Cay Tuna Tournament will once again reclaim its rightful place as one of sport fishing's most prestigious events, taking place the first week of June 2014. Costa Sunglasses is working alongside the Cat Cay Yacht Club to develop the all-catch-and-release tournament, which will feature approximately 20 teams. The tournament will pay homage to the storied history of the tournament, as well as pump renewed interest into the sport fishing industry in and around Bimini and Cat Cay.

Each team will work with a Bahamian guide, and will compete for the winning trophy's bragging rights, instead of prize money. This spring, more details will be posted online at