Marlin U How-To: Crossed Lines

Your weekly fishing tip, straight from the pros.

While fighting multiple fish at the same time, getting the lines crossed or wrapped around each other happens quite a bit. When you have two fish stretched out in generally the same direction and the angles are getting closer and closer together, that’s a good indication that the lines are crossed or wrapped up.

Before it’s too late, have each angler stand in opposite corners of the cockpit — or as far apart as possible — with their rods and bodies pointed at the line and the rod tips at shoulder/head height. Have the anglers turn their upper bodies and rod tips toward each other, bringing the rod tips down a little below shoulder height and about a foot apart. If the lines are crossed or wrapped, the “twist” will come up the line to the rod tips, similar to the effect you get when tying a Bimini twist.

It may take a moment or two for the twist to come up, depending on the amount of line out, sea condition, angles, etc. When the twist does appear, have a mate or another angler look at it closely to determine which rod to pass over which. Be sure not to touch the lines or rods if you are in a tournament situation — in that case, you have to let the anglers do it themselves, making sure they do not touch each other’s line or rod and reel.

— Capt. Randy Baker
Destin, Florida