Best Scenic Photos From You

Check out all the great scenes from our readers' time on the water.

April 15, 2015
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01_bill schild_bahamas water level copy.jpg
Finalist – Submitted by Bill Schild Bill Schild
04_bobby tambascio.jpg
Finalist – Submitted by Bobby Tambascio
02_bill schild_boston whaler cover.jpg
Finalist – Submitted by Bill Schild
06_cory wheeler 1.jpg
Finalist – Submitted by Cory Wheeler
08_ken klein_lizard0105.jpg
Finalist – Submitted by Ken Klein, taken off Lizard Island, Australia
03_bill schild_v64_run_081 copy_reduced.jpg
Finalist – Submitted by Bill Schild Pamela Jones
Finalist – Submitted by Erich Black
09_matt hollis_img_0289_edited.jpg
Finalist – Submitted by Matt Hollis
10_michael landress_fire rainbow 1.jpg
Finalist – “Fire Rainbow” submitted by Michael Landress
05_carlos bortoni_loscabos.jpg
OUR WINNER! Carlos Bortoni submitted this beauty taken in Los Cabos.
andy scott_madeira2014.jpg
Submitted by Andy Scott, taken in Madeira
bill schild_reduced.jpg
Submitted by Bill Schild © Natalie Hunt 2007
bill schild_scout sunrise_reduced.jpg
Submitted by Bill Schild
cory wheeler 2.jpg
Submitted by Cory Wheeler
bill schild_trophy crash copy.jpg
Submitted by Bill Schild
Submitted by Erich Black
michael landress_saharan dust sol 2.jpg
“Saharan Dust Sol” submitted by Michael Landress
Submitted by Erich Black
Submitted by Erich Black
steve sabalaske_kona sunrise.jpg
“Kona Sunrise” submitted by Steve Sabalaske
todd knaak_image_392.jpg
Submitted by Todd Knaak

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