Marlin University Special Feature

Marlin University has hosted hundreds of eager students wanting to learn the intricacies of offshore fishing.

December 11, 2013
Guatemala, Costa Rica and Venezuela are examples of the big-bite places, where we can sometimes get 20 bites or more a day. Photo by Robert Bates
The Costa Rica trip is a Marlin U staple. Photo by Robert Bates
Marlin U students get to visit some of the most beautiful spots in the world. Photo by Robert Bates Photo by Robert Bates
While your billfishing education is our main concern at Marlin University, like most schools, there’s plenty of time to relax and blow off a little steam after a long day of learning. Photo by Robert Bates Photo by Robert Bates
There are two types of destinations that Marlin U visits: big-fish spots, known for size but not numbers, and great-bite spots, known for the good numbers of bites you can get in a day. Photo by Robert Bates
Local boats usually know the waters and the techniques that work best in that area. Photo by Robert Bates
Most of the spots we fish have local, well-known captains and mates — and we try hard to book those people for our Marlin U sessions. Photo by Robert Bates
The primary focus of every Marlin University session is getting as many bites as possible, so we can teach our students how to operate a lever-drag reel with confidence. Photo by Robert Bates
Capt. Bubba Carter, of Tijereta fame, was one of the captains for the first Marlin U event. Photo by Richard Gibson Photo by Richard Gibson
Whichever destination you choose, rest assured that our staff of professionals are on hand to take care of every detail of your trip. Photo by Robert Bates

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