Readers’ Best Blue Marlin Photos 2014

Check out our winning contest photo and more great entries from our readers.

July 23, 2014
d.a. hughes-2.png
FINALIST – Submitted by D.A. Hughes
beecher jacobsen .jpg
FINALIST – Submitted by Beecher Jacobsen
mike harris.jpg
FINALIST – Submitted by Mike Harris
kamal cherif messaoudi.jpg
FINALIST – Submitted by Kamal Cherif Messaoudi
flavio oliva.jpg
FINALIST – Submitted by Flavio Oliva
peter brumby-3.jpg
FINALIST – Submitted by Peter Brumby
tripp walker.jpg
FINALIST – Submitted by Tripp Walker
FINALIST – Submitted by Nick Hill
frank rodriguez.jpg
OUR WINNER! Congratulations to Frank Rodriguez, who received the most votes from our readers and fans for this beautiful shot taken on the Fa-La-Me in Bermuda. Congrats also to Frank and the Fa-La-Me team on their Bermuda Triple Crown win. Staff
anthony celestine.jpg
Submitted by Anthony Celestine
becky brandt.jpg
Submitted by Becky Brandt
chris kirkconnell-2.jpg
Submitted by Chris Kirkconnell
chris kirkconnell.jpg
Submitted by Chris Kirkconnell
d.a. hughes-3.png
Submitted by D.A. Hughes
d.a. hughes.png
Submitted by D.A. Hughes
frank sheehan.jpg
Submitted by Frank Sheehan
gustavo oliva-2.jpg
Submitted by Gustavo Oliva
gustavo oliva.jpg
Submitted by Gustavo Oliva
Submitted by Nick Hill
jeff thomas.jpg
Submitted by Jeff Thomas
mike harris-2.jpg
Submitted by Mike Harris
joe heironimus.jpg
Submitted by Joe Heironimus
mike dakil.jpg
Submitted by Mike Dakil
nicole celestine.jpg
Submitted by Nicole Celestine
Submitted by Tiago Rodrigues Tiago Rodrigues
robert collins.jpg
Submitted by Robert Collins
peter brumby-4.jpg
Submitted by Peter Brumby
peter brumby.jpg
Submitted by Peter Brumby

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