New Gear at ICAST 2012

Here’s just a small sampling of the cool stuff on display at this year’s ICAST trade tackle show in Orlando, Florida.

July 13, 2012

It’s in the Bag

This isn’t the first fish bag to come out on the market, but it sure sets the mark for those coming in the future. Started by a California angler who thought he could build a better fish bag, Reliable Fishing products makes just one thing, and they do it right. First of all, Reliable builds their bags in a triangular shape, instead of a just a folding envelope. This allows the bag to stand up and hold a lot more ice. The bags come in nine different sizes ranging from a small 18 x 36 inch model to the massive 30 x 90-inch bag. These soft-sided bags collapse completely for easy storage. Visit for more information. Dave Ferrell

The Fifth Generation

Penn fishing reels have always been near the top of any saltwater angler’s preferred gear, and the companies latest version of their tried-and-true Spinfisher line more than lives up to their impressive pedigree. The Spinfisher V series offers up a line of reels with full metal bodies, completely waterproof design and even an extra live-liner reel drag on certain models for those who like to free-line live baits. The reels also come with a unique friction ramp that helps eliminate premature bail trip and a rubber gasket on the spool to eliminate line slip when using braid. The reels come in 11 models including three live line versions. For more information visit Dave Ferrell

Pro Hookset

There are almost as many ways to build a lure hookset as there are fellows pulling lures. Some guys like double-hooks others only single, while some like their hooks riding point up; others prefer their hooks riding at a certain angle, and others like their hooks swinging in the wash! The boys at Fathom Offshore avoided all the hype and started building a professional series of hooksets that model the preferred, single-hook style. These aircraft cable hooksets come in four different sizes ranging from 6 1/2 to 10 3/4 inches to handle almost any sized lure. The cable tests out at 2,400 pounds so it’s not going to separate or chafe – ever. All components are made from stainless steel so you won’t run across and corrosion issues. These rigs are swaged with a 40-ton circular press that actually forge the hook to the wire. For more information visit Dave Ferrell

Twin Drag

Accurate ups the ante in the spinning reel arena with the introduction of the only spinning reels sporting a true twin drag. The TwinSpin line of light-weight reels features six different models ranging from a 10-pound version up to a reel (SR-50) that holds 450 yards of 130-pound braid! The reels are also super quick with gear ratios ranging from 4:1 to 6:1 retrieve and also come with pre-set drag button on the front so you can set your drag and leave it – even when changing spools. For more information visit Dave Ferrell

Halco Super Roosta Popper

More and more anglers are discovering the joy of pitching topwater plugs at giant blue fin and yellowfin tuna. Watching a big chunk of sashimi explode on a topwater plug is a thrilling sight for any angler. Haclo modified the face of this new popper with added flares to produce an extremely noisy bubble trail and enticing sound. The new Roosta Popper is armed with two super-strong 4/0 Mustad treble hooks, attached with Halco’s famous Fish Rings that feature an extra turn in the wire to give them an 180-pound test rating. The new popper comes in 13 sensational colors. For more information visit Dave Ferrell

Bigger, Meaner Marquesas

Fin-Nor beefed up their popular Marquesa line, adding four new reels in bigger sizes and in two-speed versions as well. These reels feel like a fine watch in your hand and they look the part too. But as nice as they look, they pack on quite a bit of line and have the drag to keep it all on the reel. The MA40T and MA40TII hold 440 yards of 30-pound braid and boast a lockdown drag rating of 50-pounds. The MA50T and 50TII hold 1,000 yards of 60-pound braid and crank in 50-inchs per turn of the handle. They also hold over 50 pounds of drag – more than any stand-up angler can hold for very long! For more information visit Dave Ferrell

Dress Up Your Rods

When you pay upwards of $300 to $1,000 bucks for high-end tackle, it only makes sense to try and take good care of it. Try wrapping up your favorite rods and reels with one of Rod Tux’s unique rod and reel carrying systems. The Reef Rod Tux is made from a heavy-duty weather resistant nylon that provides buoyancy in case of an accidental drop and protects your line from UV deterioration. A smooth, snag-free interior allows you to easily load a combo measuring up to 87-inches long using the extended length zipper. For more information visit Dave Ferrell

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