New Boat Gear

A recent roundup of great new products for better boating

March 21, 2012

Cummins QSB6.7

The Cummins QSB6.7 will replace the 5.9 version of this workhorse of an engine. It will be available for commercial as well as recreational applications, in models from 380 to 480 hp. The company reports better performance and improved operation over its predecessor by offering more torque and a new fuel calibration strategy that is set for optimal fuel economy at cruising speed, rather than wide-open throttle. The engines meet Tier 3 emission standards, have low cold-start smoke levels and have lower sound levels at cruise than the 5.9. The units will be available as straight shaft inboard, and will have the capability to be married to the Zeus pod-drive applications.

SNP — Nanotechnology

New Jersey–based SNP penned an exclusive agreement to distribute a proprietary formula based on nanotechnology-product chemistry. The product is designed to repel water, thereby preventing water spots. SNP says that it will also increase optical clarity and reduce cleaning time, and it is UV stable and resistant to foreign contaminants, such as salt, algae, dust and acid rain. The company tested the product on an older sport-fishing boat for more than a year. When wetted, the surfaces seem to repel water immediately. SNP reports that it’s easy to apply, lasts for an entire year and can be used on any surface, including aluminum and joinery. A small portion goes a long way.

Willy Vac

Many engine rooms are outfitted with this unique little canister secured to the engine room ceiling. Wallace Marine Services Inc. owner Bill Wallace designed what is essentially a central wet vacuum system for your yacht that is plumbed to evacuate the water directly overboard. The vacuum itself is approximately 10 inches by 10 inches and has many uses, including helping with some undesirable tasks. Head’s stopped up; call Willy. Just dumped a gallon of nontox in the bilge; call Willy. There’s a separate sump pump for overboard discharge. It’s perfect for cleaning out any compartments where standing water can collect. The unit has a three-valve manifold for different areas on the boat, though only one has suction at a time. The pump is rated at 2,400 gph and has an easily cleaned and accessed strainer basket. Wallace is onto something here.

Aqualuma Gen III 6 Series

Aqualuma has announced its Gen III 6 Series underwater lights, which replace its Gen II series. Whether an owner is looking to accent or secure the vessel, or the serious offshore fisherman is looking to light up the Canyons, the 6 Series features an injection-molded polymer housing that is corrosion-proof. The lights have a three-year warranty, are fully serviceable and can be upgraded without a haul out, according to Aqualuma. They are available in ultra blue, green or brilliant white. They have a low current draw and are available in both 12 and 24 volt. The actual through-hull fitting measures 3 inches.

ATL Fuelocker

Sometimes you just can’t have enough fuel. Even with more fuel-efficient hull designs, fuel-delivery systems and lighter-weight construction materials, there are instances where increased range is required. Aero Tec Laboratories has designed the new Fuelocker Space Saver Marine Fuel Bladder Tanks. The Fuelocker takes up less than half the deck space of its Petro-Flex model. It can be filled with gas or diesel. Among its features are a stand pipe and safety cap with pressure relief valve and anti-back-flow valve. The tanks are available in increments from 50 to 500 gallons, have underliner for protection from abrasive surfaces, and can be emptied by pump, gravity or siphon discharge. The bladder is foldable, so when not in use it stows easily.

Magellan eXplorist 110

The eXplorist 110 is the latest generation of the series that was first introduced in 2010. With every portable GPS, there’s a time when it’s worth its weight in gold. Weighing 5.2 ounces and carrying a $129.99 price tag, it’s a perfect backup for a “ditch bag” or skiff, or even an inexpensive unit to keep in the cockpit or up in the tower. The color display is visible in sunlight and is pre-loaded with a World Edition map. Two AA batteries power the unit an impressive 18 hours, and Magellan has some pretty slick features built in. The eXplorist 110 tracks the course, distance and speed, and it has customizable navigation fields. There are high-end eXplorists — they include a camera, speaker and microphone.

Standard Horizon CPN1010i Chart Plotter

The CPN1010i is a touch-screen multimedia networking chart plotter. We had a firsthand look at it at the New York Boat Show and were impressed with its features. The cartography uses C-Map technology and arrives built into the unit. Wi-Fi is built into the unit as well, as are USB connections, Ethernet and other multimedia capabilities. Music can be streamed live, as can video; the unit has built-in speakers. The display is backlit and sunlight-bonded 1000 Nit LED.

Delta “T” Arid Bilge Sentry

The presence of water anywhere on a boat that it shouldn’t be is one of our pet peeves. As water collects belowdecks and in out of the way areas, nothing good follows. Mold, mildew, stinky compartments and corrosion are all direct results of standing water. The Arid Bilge Sentry employs a single control box that logs historical data for all of the zones, monitoring areas of excessive pumping activity. Up to eight low-water pickups are placed in the lowest point of the desired compartments and utilize a 3/16-inch hose. The touch screen displays the system’s status and will alert the captain to any warning signs or excessive pumping. The control enclosure can be placed wherever there is space for it if the engine room is already chock-full of equipment.

Standard Horizon Explorer GPS GX1700

The Explorer GPS GX1700 does not rely on an interface with your first-line electronics. Built into the radio is a 12-channel GPS. What this means is a whole lot less wiring, making it a perfect install for a remote location. The case is available in black or white, and is just 31/2 inches deep. Take off the wrapper and store up to 100 waypoints, use waypoint navigation, share your position and have DSC calling. The waterproof warranty is three years.

Perko Handheld Spotlight

There’s never enough light, and Perko’s 0440 removable handheld deck control spotlight comes to the rescue. Whether tying off to a hi-flyer, running an unfamiliar inlet or hunting for that shoal buoy, the light can be kept fixed mounted in its base or removed for additional flexibility. The 41/2- or 7-inch light is powered via a 12 or 32 V cigarette-lighter-style plug. The light sports an MSRP of approximately $260, and when the need arises to use it, every skipper will consider the money well spent. It’s constructed with corrosion-resistant, chrome-plated brass.

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