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February 21, 2012
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On The Drawing Board

In the market for a new ride? This summer, we brought you an overview of 10 new game boats to look for in 2012.
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Marlin Art

Every year, the Marlin Offshore Art Gallery draws artist submission from around the world, and our 2012 edition has proven once again to be a reader favorite with over 60 examples of the world’s best marine art.
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Cow City

If you’re ready for the pain, big tunas await, and our listing of Five Top Tuna Towns shows you where to find the truly gigantic ones.
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At the Boat Show

We walked the docks at the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show in October and got to check out some of the latest launches. You can find videos, blogs and galleries from the show here.
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Big Win in Bermuda

We brought you exciting tournament action in July as team Click Through took this year’s Bermuda Big Game Classic.
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Tight Fit!

Many of you marveled at the process of launching a 95-foot Jim Smith in February – especially as it was eased down narrow city streets on its first journey to the water.
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Your Best Photos

In October, we highlighted some of our favorite reader photos that made it into the Marlin inbox this year. Send yours to [email protected].
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Full Throttle

Last year, we took you on a backstage tour of the construction of NASCAR star Jeff Burton’s new Jarrett Bay, Persistence. In 2011, we had a chance to give it a test run.
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A Trip to Casa Vieja

Marlin University takes students to the hottest fishing destinations on the planet. In May, the Guatemala class got a chance to fish out of the legendary Casa Vieja Lodge.
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Pat Ford Goes Offshore

Photographer Pat Ford has made quite a name for himself in the sportfishing world. This year, he offered up a sampler of some great offshore photography.
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Marlin Covers Through the Years

We celebrated Marlin‘s 30th Anniversary this year, and it gave us a good excuse to go back and enjoy some of our favorite past covers from the last three decades.
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Mako Attack!

In February, we gave you the full story (with pics) behind Al McGlashan’s amazing footage of a mako attacking a striped marlin boatside. We were even able to bring you the video, with help from our friends at Field and Stream.
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Great Gift Ideas

Marlin‘s annual gear roundup once again gave us the chance to check out the latest goodies to put on our wish list.
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Top Tournaments

Since Marlin debuted 30 years ago, a number of big game tournaments have reached prominence. Here, we looked at seven of the most popular ones.
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Surfin’ Sails

Photographer Pat Ford takes us on another adventure – this time to capture the Surfin’ Sails of Key West.
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Biggest Marlin Ever Caught

Heading out to break a record? We took a chance this year to post IGFA all-tackle world records for a number of billfish species.
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Hot Electronics for 2011

Last spring, we highlighted 11 new electronics products to look forward to in 2011 – just in case your console is looking a little dated…
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Essential Gear

There is some select gear items that have changed big-game fishing over the last 30 years. Here, we highlight six of our favorites.
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Convention Time

ICAST (the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades) may not be open to the public, but we brought you the essential highlights from the 2011 show in Las Vegas.
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Boats – Then and Now

We looked back at 30 years of boatbuilding and assembled this perspective on six manufacturers – then vs. now.
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