Marlin U at Tropic Star Lodge

Find big tuna and marlin in the fertile Pacific waters near Tropic Star Lodge in Panama

April 18, 2012
ri7u0954_tropic star_01.jpg
Scenic Pinas Bay Dave Ferrell
ri7u0959_tropic star_02.jpg
George gives the initial fishing briefing. Dave Ferrell
ri7u0967_tropic star_03.jpg
Sunset at Pinas Bay Dave Ferrell
ri7u0969_tropic star_04.jpg
Marlin U instructors Charles Perry (left) and Peter B. Wright Dave Ferrell
ri7u0974_tropic star_05.jpg
Tropic Star’s video presentation Dave Ferrell
ri7u0998_tropic star_06.jpg
Hummingbirds test Dave Ferrell’s photo skills Dave Ferrell
ri7u1000_tropic star_07.jpg
ri7u1011_tropic star_08.jpg
ri7u1039_tropic star_09.jpg
The start of the world famous Panama strip bait. Dave Ferrell
ri7u1071_tropic star_10.jpg
Tying the Panama strip…look for an upcoming tip in Marlin! Dave Ferrell
ri7u1105_tropic star_11.jpg
The finished product Dave Ferrell
ri7u1140_tropic star_12.jpg
Always amazing to troll the shoreline in Panama. Dave Ferrell
ri7u1217_tropic star_13.jpg
Big tunas where everywhere…you could catch as many 100-pounders as you would ever want. Dave Ferrell
ri7u1230_tropic star_14.jpg
There were a few dolphin slinking around as well. Dave Ferrell
ri7u1238_tropic star_15.jpg
The star of the show made a late appearance on the last day of fishing! Dave Ferrell
ri7u1239_tropic star_16.jpg
A 250-pound blue airing it out Dave Ferrell
ri7u1241_tropic star_17.jpg
One last head shot for the camera Dave Ferrell
ri7u1245_tropic star_18.jpg
The MoldCraft Wide Range whoops ’em again! Dave Ferrell

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