Los Cabos Charter Boat Classic – Day 2

November 27, 2013
dorado-1st place-arturo cesena.jpg
Arturo Cessna took home a check for $2,388.89 for his first place Dorado that weighed in at 25.1 lbs.
dorado-2nd place-bob stewart.jpg
Bob Stewart – 2nd Place Dorado – 24.9 lbs
dorado-3rd place-ron kawaja.jpg
Ron Kawaja – 3rd Place Dorado – 24.1 lbs
tuna-1st-place-arturo miranda-img_0572.jpg
Arturo Mirando received a check for $2,388.89 and first place honors in the Tuna division on Day 2 for his 24.1 lb catch.
tuna-2nd place-john-wauterlek-img_0536.jpg
John Wauterlek – 2nd Place Tuna – 23.5 lbs
wahoo-1st place-louis-roberto-beltran-img_0506.jpg
Luis Roberto Beltran caught this 35.5 lb Wahoo which earned him first place honors for Day 2 and a check for $2,388.89.
wahoo_2nd place_greg-warren-img_0491.jpg
Greg Warren – 2nd Place Wahoo – 33.6 lbs
wahoo-3rd place-tie-chase colston.jpg
Chase Colston – 3rd Place Wahoo (tie) – 30.9 lbs
wahoo-3rd place-tie-rich hershey.jpg
Rich Hershey – 3rd Place Wahoo (tie) – 30.9 lbs
lady angler_katie curran.jpg
Katie Curran took home the Lady Angler award for Day 2 with her 23.6 lb Wahoo.
junior angler_gavin lanini.jpg
7 year old, Gavin Lanini, took home the Junior Angler award for Day 2 with his 8.1 lb Dorado.

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