June 2012 New Boat Gear

A collection of hot new items for your next offshore fishing trip

June 6, 2012

FLIR M-Series Camera

Yes, you too can have technology on your boat that would make James Bond green with envy! FLIR Systems, an industry leader in night-vision cameras, recently introduced the M-618CS, a gyrostabilized version of their thermal camera. The M-Series camera offers powerful new features, including a high-resolution thermal night-vision camera that boasts 640 x 480 resolution, and 2x and 4x E-Zoom, which provides clear, detailed images, even in total darkness, from farther away than you ever thought possible. The unit also comes with extended range performance — the M-618CS’s 35 mm thermal lens can detect small vessels from more than two miles away, giving you more time to see and avoid potentially dangerous situations. It even has a color TV camera with a 10x optical zoom that matches the thermal camera’s E-Zoom, so you can switch back and forth between the two cameras. Housed in a rugged, waterproof gimbal enclosure that provides continuous 360-degree pan and plus or minus 90-degree tilt capability, the M-618CS provides horizon-to-horizon coverage, and incorporates cutting-edge Ethernet connectivity for easy installation and control.

Steiner 7×30 Commander XP

Steiner, a world leader in marine optics, now offers world-class binoculars in a more compact model, the 7×30 Commander XP. Steiner bundled all the technology and performance of the 7×50 Commander XP into a compact pair of binoculars, available with or without an integral compass. Weighing in at just 20 ounces, the tough-as-nails 7×30 Commander XP comes with Steiner XP optics that provide the highest levels of daytime haze-cutting contrast and nighttime performance. They also feature Steiner’s NANO lens coating, which repels water and moisture from the lenses, leaving them crystal clear for viewing, even in the wettest conditions. The 7×30 Commander XP also has a generous field of view of 392 feet at 1,000 yards. The 7×30 Commander XP with Compass is also equipped with a ranging reticle that’s illuminated for convenient nighttime navigation. Each Commander XP is hand-built to be waterproof and shock resistant in accordance with military specifications. The NBR rubber coating is tough and withstands punishing UV rays, chemicals and salt water. Each comes with a standard binocular strap as well as an orange flotation strap.

Quickline Ultra Anchor

Quickline, a world-class importer and distributor of high-quality marine gear and accessory products, recently announced that its complete Ultra Anchor product line has obtained “type approval” from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). Meeting the highest level of holding power as defined by the ABS, Quickline’s entire range of Ultra Anchor products has been awarded the prestigious certification of design assessment for stainless-steel superior holding power (SHP) for restricted service. The Quickline Ultra Anchor’s innovative dipper-styled concave fluke body provides superior holding power and resists the tendency to extricate from a set position. Its swivel/shackle attachment eye is reinforced for extra strength and ergonomically positioned to place the Ultra Anchor’s weight on its curved tip for the ultimate setting and grip. While many anchors on the market excel in only one type of seabed, the Ultra Anchor offers great variety.

50-Amp SmartPlug

After much success with its 30-amp products, SmartPlug Systems now offers its unique product in a 50-amp version. Designed for larger boats, the new Connector and Inlet incorporate the same revolutionary features as the original 30-amp version. The SmartPlug’s straight, sleeved design enables the body of the plug to bear weight, instead of the electrical pins. This keeps the points of electrical contact secure and makes sure the pins don’t work themselves loose. With its three weatherproof seals, the SmartPlug eliminates the possibility of water and moisture intrusion. Employing two locking side levers and two points of contact on the locking cap, the plug’s multipoint locking system ensures a rock-solid connection at all times. When the inlet is not in use, the cap can remain closed and serve as a weatherproof seal. Utilizing only the finest materials available, SmartPlug incorporates marine-grade 316 stainless steel for its external metal parts and nickel-plated brass for its electrical pins. All plastics used are UV- and heat-resistant Valox 553U resins that are made in the United States.

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