Dominican Republic Delivers

White marlin and big dorado rule at a recent Marlin University trip to the D.R.

Probably the best white marlin shot I’ve ever taken.Dave Ferrell
Look at the color on this guy’s head!Dave Ferrell
Entering the inlet at Punta Cana resort behind Billfisher!Dave Ferrell
The marina at Punta Cana is stacked up with beautiful sportfishers ready to get the bite that lies just six miles offshore!Dave Ferrell
They love their helicopters in the Dominican Republic…Dave Ferrell
More big dorado! Most of the dolphin we caught exceeded 30 pounds.Dave Ferrell
A series of white marlin jumps...we saw about eight or 10 whites per day.Dave Ferrell
For some reason I didn’t get as many shots at the blue ones...and this guy came up pretty brown.Dave Ferrell
This one, however, jumped around for us on the leader!Dave Ferrell
One of my favorites in the bunch.Dave Ferrell