Fishing Gift Guide

Our guide to this year's holiday season filled with fishing apparel, tackle, electronics and more.

Simms ProDry GORE-TEX

Simms’ award-winning ProDry GORE-TEX jacket and bib is a proven game changer when it comes to exceptional foul-weather performance. Its ultra-tough Pro Shell fabric is built for 100-percent waterproof and windproof comfort in the nastiest of fishing conditions. Advanced engineering provides absolute satisfaction and will give you a distinct advantage over your competitors when they miss a bite because they’re too busy worrying about the wind and the rain.

2015 Cat Cay Tuna Tournament

An entry for the 2015 Cat Cay Tuna Tournament, sponsored by Costa sunglasses, is a great gift for the angler who has everything. The 2015 event will mark the 50th anniversary of the historic tournament and is a no-limit, all-release event taking place May 27-31 in exclusive Cat Cay, Bahamas. The winner of the 2015 Cat Cay Tuna Tournament will receive a cast-bronze replica of the original event trophy, as well as a perpetual award in the form of Costa’s bluefin tuna “fish art,” to be housed at the International Game Fish Association in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Shimano BeastMaster 9000

Shimano’s new BeastMaster 9000 electric reel is ideal for kite-fishing for sailfish, and it’s a difference maker when deep-dropping for swordfish. Anglers are provided with the features needed for power and durability in any fishing situation with exceptional torque, thanks to Shimano’s Gigamax motor that provides winding strength of 250 pounds. The BeastMaster will hold up to 940 yards of 100-pound-test PowerPro braid and more than twice that for 50-pound-test.

3rdPersonView All Sports Pro Camera Mount

Ditch the awkward head mounts when trying to get footage of yourself battling your next big fish and pick up one of the new 3rdPersonView All Sports Pro Camera mounts. The Pro version fits many of the digital-video cameras on the market today and the support strap easily wraps around your waist just like a fighting belt (It will also fit under many fighting belts), providing support and steadiness never seen before from another camera accessory. You can face it over your shoulder or even turn it around to get the ultimate selfie during the fight.

Columbia’s MegaVent Shoes

When bare feet are simply not an option in the cockpit, Columbia’s MegaVent shoes change the definition of boating footwear. Wrapped in a polyurethane casting and covered with Columbia’s exclusive ­Blood-N-Guts stain treatment, the MegaVent shoe sheds water, messy attractants, fish slime and any other fish-related blemishes with ease. Fitted with speed laces for easy on, easy off, the MegaVent delivers exceptional comfort and the type of on-water performance that will keep you focused on the fish ­— not your feet.

Abel Plier

Constructed of the finest components and materials, including aircraft-quality aluminum and 303 stainless steel, the Abel Plier will stand by your side for many years to come. Also available as a set with matching knife and leather sheath, the pliers feature a handy built-in bottle opener when the time comes for a cold one after a long day of fishing. Both can also be customized with different finishes, including mahimahi and blue marlin patterns.

Aftco’s Fish Ninja 2

Aftco’s Fish Ninja 2 combines popular performance-fishing clothing into an all-in-one solution for ultimate UV sun protection. Featuring an articulated hood with laser-cut mouth holes to keep your glasses from fogging up, it also offers complete sun protection for your head, neck, face, chest and arms in one piece. Featuring AFBLOCK sun protection that blocks 98 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays, the Ninja 2 also features the new AFGUARD stain-resistance application.

OceanLED’s Amphibian Pro Xtreme Series

Just in time for your local holiday boat parade, OceanLED’s Amphibian Pro Xtreme Series lights provide extraordinary energy savings with outstanding LED innovation and deliver exceptional control and hands-free limitless color-change ability for all styles of boats. Available in 4, 8 and 16 LED, this series offers color-change, ultra-white, midnight blue and sea green LEDs with up to 4,200 fixture lumens and a 60-degree beam providing widespread lighting while allowing simple solutions for creating expressive environments.

Twin Disc Express Joystick System

Confidently maneuvering a boat in challenging docking situations is simple with the Twin Disc Express Joystick System (EJS). Bringing intuitive, fingertip boat control to a new level with push, twist and go direction maneuvering, the EJS smoothly and simultaneously actuates and controls engines, transmissions and thrusters so users can effortlessly move the boat in any direction and even pivot it on its own axis. Extremely simple to learn and use, the EJS will make any boater more comfortable when docking.

DTG2 from Deep Trekker

The DTG2 from Deep Trekker comes complete with a standard 50 meters of tether that connects you to the Superbright LCD Screen Controller and offers the first completely portable, remotely operated vehicle (ROV). Built to last, the DTG2 is constructed of a cast-aluminum body that encases a 360-degree window and allows the user to have an unprecedented field of view, whether checking out the bottom of the boat or exploring the ocean floor. Typical battery life ranges from six to eight hours.

Garmin’s New VIRB Elite

Garmin’s new VIRB Elite high-definition video camera is tough enough to handle whatever you can throw at it right out of the box, thanks to a rugged and waterproof (IPX7) housing. The easy-to-use functionality of the VIRB Elite eliminates the need to check if the camera is filming because of a dummy-proof power button and the 1.4-inch Chroma color display. Onboard video-enhancement features such as digital-image stabilization ensure that footage recorded with VIRB will look great, even before editing.

Blue Marlin Magic

Answering practically every question the avid blue-water angler could possibly think to ask, Steve Campbell's brilliant new book, Blue Marlin Magic, is an absolute must have for your fishing friends, favorite captains and deckhands this holiday season. This unprecedented book spans nearly 600 pages with more than 1,000 stunning color photographs and original illustrations. Also available is a leather-bound limited edition of 100 copies of Blue Marlin Magic, accompanied by a matching embossed slipcase and signed and numbered by the author.

BOTE Rackham

BOTE has once again redefined the stand-up paddle board. The new Rackham is the most versatile paddle board ever offered and combines features from BOTE’s previous models, the HD and Ahab. Featuring displacement hull technology, the Rackham paddles effortlessly, and the recessed standing platform and thick bow keep both paddler and gear high and dry. When hooked up to the big one, stow your paddle out of the way in the new paddle sheath. Named after the infamous Capt. Jack Rackham, who defined the pirate with his Jolly Roger flag, the BOTE Rackham will set the standard for years to come.

Exclusive Charter Services

Skip the stress and frustration of commercial air travel by flying on your own private charter. Exclusive Charter Services (ECS) offers custom travel options to meet any of your travel needs and can get you to your favorite fishing destination within hours of hearing of a hot bite. Their flagship Hawker 4000 will seat your eight-person crew comfortably and cruises at 480 knots. The best part is that it can land at many of the smaller airports throughout the Caribbean, meaning you can skip out on connecting flights and puddle jumpers.

Pelagic 4TEK Fish Finder

Guaranteed to catch the eye of any fisherman, the Pelagic 4TEK Fish Finder Boardshort features a high-definition sonar graphic, complete with bottom structure, baitballs, and game-fish “blips.” Designed with anglers in mind, these board shorts offer next-generation features with four-way stretch technology and ultra-lightweight Quik-Dry fabric. Complete with side and back zipper pockets and a lined utility/pliers pocket, this all-purpose pair of board shorts will put you in the mood to go find some fish!

Penn Custom Reels

Because anglers and captains like to express their own style, Penn Reels allows complete customization of their entire International line. Offering seven different colors including blue, red, black, gun smoke, and pink, Penn lets you color the four different parts of each reel to your preference or color them to match a custom scheme on the boat. Custom engraving of your favorite game fish or an American flag can also be added to the reel in addition to the angler or boat name of your choice.

YETI’s Rambler Tumblers

YETI’s Rambler Tumblers are made to stay ice cold twice as long as the average plastic tumbler, and they work equally well for hot beverages. They’re constructed of kitchen-grade 18/8 stainless steel and double-wall vacuum insulation. The exterior wall is built for superior durability, and the crystal-clear lid allows users to see the level of their drinks to make sure they never run low on their beverage of choice. Available in both 20- and 30-ounce sizes, the Rambler makes a great stocking stuffer.

SeaHex V2

The SeaHex V2 changes the stakes for the ever-growing market of quadcopter drones. The big brother of the V1, which allows for safe water recovery, the V2 provides the impressive ability for both water landings and takeoffs. When coupled with the offshore fishing package, the SeaHex V2 lets you create a program to search a half-mile grid in front of you while sending a live feed back to an iPad or a smartphone onboard. That’s a huge advantage when looking for baitballs or a feeding frenzy.


After developing the most effective zero-speed anti-rolling devices ever made, Seakeeper recently released five new models that are smaller and more powerful than ever. These versatile gyros have no outside appendages, and they can be installed off centerline so that they can fit into any application. Their computerized control and vacuum technology make them the first truly practical stabilizer for any vessel from less than 20 tons all the way up to 140 tons.

Steiner’s New Navigator Pro Marine Binoculars

Steiner’s new Navigator Pro Marine binoculars offer exceptional performance at an affordable price. The Navigator Pro Series uses Steiner’s proven 7x magnification system that is perfect for on-water activities by offering a wide field of view for tracking boats, buoys and other navigation aids as well as monitoring weather conditions. The 7x50 model is the recommended model for anglers and captains, but the Navigator Pro is also offered in a compact 7x30 version. Both models can be equipped with a built-in compass.

Fathom Offshore Lure from TBF

When Fathom Offshore built a lure exclusively for The Billfish Foundation, they wanted to make a lure that not only symbolized the organization, but remained a truly fishable piece of art. Featuring an ice-blue Australian angel-wing shell insert and an exclusive “Billfish Blue” limited-edition skirt combo, this lure is sure to turn some heads whether displayed at a home or office or in the middle of your spread. A portion of the proceeds from each sale goes directly to TBF, and the lure comes in its own wooden gift box numbered 1 to 100, with the lure crafter’s signature on the base.