Bluewater Belles

November 21, 2014
“I was highly competitive, emotionally charged and good at overly dramatic tantrums that led to throwing the rod at my father after he yelled at me for bird-nesting the hell out of his reels, which I did often.” — Stephanie Choate Photo courtesy Stephanie Choate Stephanie Choate / Marlin Magazine
Choate fighting what would prove to be the winning fish in this year’s Blue Marlin World Cup. Photo by Bryan Toney Bryan Toney
Lainey Jones cut her angling teeth in the Gulf of Mexico but has since branched out to fish the Bahamas, Bermuda and beyond. Photo by Ronnie Burbage Ronnie Burbage
Aboard Mama Who, a 66-foot Viking, Lainey Jones seeks a grander in the Gulf of Mexico, Bermuda and the Bahamas. Photo by Ronnie Burbage Ronnie Burbage
Sandra MacMillan is a past chairman of the board of The Billfish Foundation who grew up fishing in Minnesota and South Florida with her father. Photo by Leonard Durham Bryant Leonard Bryant
Sandra MacMillan and her crew aboard her 63-foot Spencer Sandman have become serious billfish-tournament contenders with an impressive track record. Photo by Richard Gibson Richard Gibson
Angler Martha Macnab scored a nice 308-pound yellowfin tuna in Puerto Vallarta in 2003, narrowly missing the world record of 314 pounds because the fish wasn’t weighed for 48 hours. Photo courtesy Martha Macnab Martha Macnab
Martha Macnab has reportedly won more money on the billfish-tournament circuit than any female angler in history, due to major catches. Photo by Gary Graham Gary Graham
Joan Vernon has been a tireless promoter of both the sport of offshore fishing itself, and of conservation to protect that sport. Photo by Richard Gibson Richard Gibson
Vernon’s Presidential Challenge -tournament series has raised well over $500,000 for various conservation groups. For more info, log on to Photo by Richard Gibson Richard Gibson

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