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Make your next online video professional with some of the best camera gear out there.

April 15, 2015
With new camera technologies coming out nearly every month, one’s head can spin with the constant additions and leave you not knowing what items to purchase. Don’t worry, _Marlin _breaks it down for you. We lined up some of the best cameras and accessories on the market that can turn your next video into a viral hit.

Garmin VIRB Elite Action Camera

The **Garmin VIRB **is built rugged, but still lightweight. The display is right on the camera with no attachments needed to view what you are filming. The display also shows all of the menu options, and is helpful for changing to specific formats such as Fast HD (720p at 60fps) or Super Slow Motion (480p at 120fps). There is no need to dig around for the manual to find out the frame rate and resolution in each mode for your video — it’s right there on the display. Price: $269.99 Notable Highlights:

Shimano Sport Camera

The Shimano Sport Camera is made to capture quick action with its compact size and lightweight build. It’s waterproof, but unlike most cameras on the market, it doesn’t need a housing. It’s waterproof down to 10 meters and sealed to protect against the messiness an wet environment from a day on the water. It also includes a handy pocket-guide, keep it near for the best setups on shoots. Price: Check dealers **Notable Highlights: **

POV Action Came + Live View Remote Bundle

Sony’s POV Action Cam bundle is one of the most hi-tech models on the market. And with the most recent firmware update, you can live stream on the internet, motion shot to capture trace of moving subject in one image, and shoot stills with burst shooting at to 10fps. Price: $399.99 Notable Highlights:
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Water Wolf HD Camera

The Water Wolf Camera is specifically designed for fishing. One can see that in its design, made for trolling, casting, floating, any which way — this camera is made for the water. The design also allows for low drag and a stable movement through the water whether it is being trolled or cast in front of a lure. The simpled design of the Water Wolf allows the camera to not need an external housing, the correct balance between weight and volume for buoyancy. and allows easy operation with only one button to start recording. Price: Check dealers Notable Highlights:

WASPcam 9902 Package

WASPcam combines HD video and easy to access live video feedback via their wireless wrist remote. This camera package is thinking ahead of other cameras on the market with their wrist remote that controls photo and video functions, provides live viewing and, yes, it tells time. As video and photo shooters, having an extra hand is always needed, and the addition of the wrist remote makes the entire package worth a try. Price: Check dealers Notable Highlights:

GoPro Hero4 Black

GoPro has taken their video quality to a new level with 4k Ultra HD. Price: $499.99 Notable Includes:
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Spreading Wings S1000+

This octopus-like drone, an eight-rotor propulsion system, allows for the weight of heavy DSLR cameras such as the Canon 5D and 7D. It’s arms are foldable, so lugging around this highly-portable drone is made easy. The flight time is 15 minutes, has a takeoff weight around 24 pounds and can shoot a wide range of angles. Price: $1,900
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Go Professional Camera Case XB-552

After spending a lot of money on cameras and accessories, one needs a place to store and organize them. **Go Professional Cases **takes care of that with a variety of styles and configurations to choose from in their line of protective gear. The XB-552 case allows for two GoPro cameras as well as a tray for accessories. It’s a solid, ruggedized case that makes it easy to protect and organize all your gear in one spot. Price: $59.00

3rdPersonView All Sports Pro Camera Mount

Ditch the awkward head mounts when trying to get footage of yourself battling your next big fish and pick up one of the new 3rdPersonView All Sports Pro Camera mounts. The Pro version fits many of the digital-video cameras on the market today and the support strap easily wraps around your waist just like a fighting belt (It will also fit under many fighting belts), providing support and steadiness never seen before from another camera accessory. You can face it over your shoulder or even turn it around to get the ultimate selfie during the fight. Price: $225.00
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iOgrpaher Case for iPhone 5/5s

The iOgrapher for iPhone 5, 5S, and iPod Touch 5th Gen provides iPhone users a platform to turn the device into a filmmaking powerhouse. The iOgrapher case is great for a quick and easy setup for shooting photos and videos with your iPhone. It enables steadiness that is needed when aboard a boat backing down or in rough seas. It’s one of those simple inventions that can transform your photos and videos into a more steady and professional product. They also make cases for iPads. Price: $ 49.95

Polar Pro’s Switchblade 2.0 Red Macro Combo

The Switchblade2.0 is a great underwater accessory for capturing fishing action. It combines both a red filter and a macro lens to provide 10x magnification that can be used together or separately. This means increased underwater focus at distance of 3- to 8-inches and 1.5- to 5-inches above the water. The PolarPro red filter provides color correction from 15 to 80 feet. The redesigned engineering on the Switchblade2.0 includes a new macro latch system, a new zinc rivet connecting the red filter to the base and an overall structure boost, ensuring that your Switchblade2.0 will withstand rough conditions. Price: $69.99 Notable Includes:

GoPole’s Reach 14-40″ Extension Pole

One of the most rugged and easy camera reach poles on the market. GoPole’s Reach is a four stage telescoping body, retracting to a mere 14 inches with the integrated twist locs that allow it extend up to 40 inches. Sold seperately is the Smart Remote Clip for the GoPro Smart Remote, another good addition to this reach pole for quick shot setups. Price: $54.99
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Brunton All Day Battery Supply

As most of us know, video eats up the battery on GoPros. It can be a major bummer when the camera dies at the best part of your fishing, but Brunton’s All Day High Capacity Power Supply has your back. It extends the power of your Hero3+ (only this model) nearly four times the specified run time and still maintains the all-weather durability your GoPro promises. Plus, the All Day doubles as a portable power device, allowing you to plug in your cell phone or tablet to charge up when filming. Price: $49.99

WiFi Underwater Extension Cable

The WiFi Extension Cable from **Cam-Do **extends the use of WiFi and Bluetooth control of GoPro Hero 3, 3+ and Hero 4 cameras underwater. The BacPac does not fit the standard housing, but does fit the dive housings from GoPro. Molded into the BacPac, the interface clips to the housing and is completely waterproof and the connection to the camera is wireless so no physical connection to the camera is necessary. Just turn on the camera WiFi, close the back of the housing, and drop the camera into the water. At the dry end, the WiFi extension communicates wirelessly with any Wi-Fi enabled device to view live streaming from underwater. Price: $143.00
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Shurhold Camera Adapter

It’s another one of those simple inventions that make your life easier while shooting video while fishing or enjoying a day on the boat. The Shurhold Camera Adapter is compatible with GoPro and Garmin VIRB Cameras and extend the versatility of your camera for underwater or aerial shots by quickly and easily attaching it to any Shurhold handle. Price: $12.99

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