New Fishing Gear and Products of September

New fishing gear and other products for September.

September 15, 2014

Maximus at the Helm

Standing at the helm all day can make a grumpy captain even more cantankerous than usual, and that’s why the good folks at Pompanette came out with the well-padded Maximus helm seat … to take care of the cappy’s gluteus maximus! Maximus is built tough with all through-bolted stainless-steel components. A new, boltless hardware setup uses internal, unseen fasteners to keep the backrest connection strong. A recessed stainless-steel slide assembly gives the chair a sleek, modern look, while the teak ladder-back design is a nod to old-school styling. A 4-inch boltless pedestal and an optional teak footrest round out this beautiful yet functional helm chair. For more information, visit****

Lever-Drag Performance

Arribe Fishing recently introduced its new 1200 lever drag, a red beauty meticulously designed inside and out to help you land more and bigger fish. The Arribe 1200 integrates tight, crisp operation, an ultrasmooth, consistent drag, unsurpassed strength and integrity, a superior anti-reverse, outstanding castability, and unmatched durability into one seamless system. Every material used in the construction of Arribe’s 1200 is either inherently noncorrosive or protected with a corrosion-resistant coating. The 1200’s rugged frame, carved from heat-treated billet aluminum, is built to withstand extreme torque and protect the inner workings of the reel. Arribe’s patent-pending ProTactive Drag System uses Ballard carbon-fiber materials against highly polished titanium plates to supply superior fish-stopping power throughout the duration of every fight. For more information, visit

Keep It Canyon Cool

As avid offshore anglers, everything we use, from the best rods and reels to the most rugged terminal tackle, are items chosen with careful consideration, and choosing a high-performance cooler is no exception. Enter the Canyon Coolers 50-quart Outfitter, which can keep your catch fresh and ice cold for up to 14 days. The Canyon Coolers 50-quart Outfitter is built brutally strong, featuring a premium polyethylene RotoMolded shell filled with high-density foam. A solid neoprene gasket ensures a tight, virtually leak-proof seal to trap the cold air in, and keep warm air and moisture out. To further ensure positive closure when pounding through the waves, Canyon Coolers included an integrated bulletproof hinge and recessed cam latches (which also prevent snagging against other gear during transport). Tie-down areas are also built in for rough-water days. For more information, contact Canyon Coolers at

Tidal Wave and Squall

Footwear should be thought of as a tool; whether standing up on the wire in rough weather or transiting yet another round of airport security, your shoes should match the task at hand. Rugged Shark makes some of the best boating footwear around, and its new Tidal Wave and Squall models help you get there and get the job done as expected. The Tidal Wave maintains the comfort of the traditional hand-sewn moccasin construction, while enhancing performance through H2FLO-VENT technology — a new, lightweight outsole system that circulates air and drains water for total foot comfort. This oxford-style shoe is made with waxy full-grain leather, mesh inserts for optimum breathability, and noncorrosive metal hardware. The Rugged Shark Squall incorporates durability, support and comfort in a man’s slip-on moccasin — perfect for navigating airport security. With its Hexagrix slip-resistant, nonmarking rubber outsole, the Rugged Shark line delivers the traction performance you need on the water. For more information, visit

Fish-Raising Flapz

Ok, we admit it. We weren’t the biggest believers in the mud-flap craze when it first started, but after seeing countless marlin pile onto these now ubiquitous teasers, we’re sold. The newest entry into the flapping teaser market is the Fish Razr brand of Tuna Flapz and Draggin Flapz (dredges) and Daizy Chains. The company also makes Flapz in the shape of flyingfish and squid. These flat teasers come in either red, brown or black, and range in size from 12 to 24 inches. The smaller 12-inch models make the perfect size to load your own dredge; or you can buy a complete flapping dredge or daisy chain from Fish Razr. For more information, visit

Keep Your Powder (and Everything Else) Dry

Every time you go to sea, you motor out on a giant pool of acid. Salt water and most metals do not get along, and it takes only a small splash of salt water into a drawer or gear box to get the old rust monster fired up. Plano Molding Company probably made your very first tackle box, and they’ve been taking care of fishing gear for a long time. Plano’s Waterproof Stowaways make the perfect place to store all of your saltwater terminal tackle — even the big stuff. The line includes five different sizes — including a deep box — that you can customize to your storage needs. All of the boxes feature a Dri-Loc O-ring seal and three tight-sealing, cam-action latches that keep the box closed even if only one latch is locked. For more information, visit

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