59th International Billfish Tournament

San Juan 59th IBT boat parade and cocktail party

The 59th International Billfish Tournament starts tomorrow in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The fishing teams will head out from the historic "El Morro Castle," at the entrance to the San Juan Bay. Here are some pictures from the opening tournament boat parade and cocktail party. Picara won 1st place.Mark Smestad
The Bon Vivant did a circus theme for the parade.Mark Smestad
Directly from Las Vegas: Cher! The legendary singer visited San Juan to sing to the Commodore, Chairman, Coast Guard and Carlos Hermida…on Bruja!Mark Smestad
Nope…they are not going to fall into the water…they are thrilled to won the Olympics!Mark Smestad
Spectators didn’t miss a thing!Mark Smestad
Vive la France! Our Renoir places a last touch on his painting on Gaviota! And a Pattisesie on the cockpit!Mark Smestad
Oh my Goodness! It flew away!Mark Smestad
Bill'Der "Under the Sea"Mark Smestad
Hilda's mysterious ChinaMark Smestad
Legendary and truly Chinese with a secret for usMark Smestad
Maria McKee, Mike Bocinsky, Mrs and Mr. Robert BocinskyMark Smestad
From Scotland! Malcom & Trevor! - 2nd time at the tournamentMark Smestad
Bruce McKee has great companyMark Smestad
Good friends!Mark Smestad
A happy family! Our Chairman, Miguel Donato & Mei-Ling Vicente with their beautiful daughters!Mark Smestad
Pirates!Mark Smestad
VIP: IGFA’s, Tournament’s, National Geographic production…through the grape vine. We want to express our deepest gratitude to Jean Paul Polo who allowed National Geographic Society and its Remote Imaging division to focus on our Tournament.Mark Smestad
Pirates got the gold all for themselvesMark Smestad