White Marlin Open Day 2

Photos from day 2 of the White Marlin Open

August 8, 2012
243 boats fished their first day of this year’s White Marlin Open yesterday. The boats are competing for $2,300,000 in prize money. There were a series of ups and downs at the weigh in. At the end of the day the Canyon River came out on top with a 236–pound bigeye tuna, which is currently estimated to be worth $324,000. Other notable catches were A-Lure‘s 202.5-pound bigeye, Canyon River‘s 70.5-pound wahoo and Krazy Salt‘s 27.5-pound dolphin. Also, the Reel Joy won the day’s calcutta with 910 points for 13 white marlin releases. Next, see photo’s from the first, third, and fourth day of the tournament. All photos courtesy of and the &
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