Easy Live-Bait Bridles

March 14, 2012
To make your bridles, start by cutting a length of Dacron that’s twice as long as you want your finished bridle to be. Double it over and tie an overhand knot with the two tag ends, leaving quarter- to half-inch tags sticking out. Grasp the two sides of the loop and tighten down the knot, pulling as hard as you can without pulling the knot through itself. Next, use a lighter and melt the remaining tag ends of the knot down to where they can’t pull through. Test the finished bridle by pulling on the loop as hard as you can. The knot should not slip or fail. Capt. Randy Baker
To attach the bridle to your hook, hold a bridle on the bottom side of the hook with the knot just above the bend of the hook, and then pass the loop end of the bridle around the hook and through the two sides of the bridle at the knot. Capt. Randy Baker
Cinch it down tight on the shank. Capt. Randy Baker
Now, with the side of the bridle closest to the hook point, make a half hitch around the hook point and pull it tight to the overhand knot. This keeps the knot from sliding up and down the hook shank. Capt. Randy Baker
After you make up a bunch, place the finished rigs and leaders in zip-lock bags and label them by hook and leader size. Now, when that nice, fat skippy comes over the rail, you’ll be able to get it back out in the water as soon as possible.

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