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FishLab: Grundéns Deck Hand Hoodie and Storm Rider Jacket

We experiment using the Squid Cannon, Sportfish Tug-of-War, and the Backdown to test the latest Grundéns products

FishLab: Testing the Latest Grundéns ProductsMarlin Magazine

Trading science for sledgehammers and research for flamethrowers, FishLab answers the question: so, uh, exactly how much wind, water, weather and wear can the latest and greatest fishing gear handle?

A write-up or user review can provide basic information, but it can't show the product in a real-world setting or an extreme scenario. It's durable, but how durable? It's waterproof, but how waterproof? As a result, anglers are left to vet the product in a vacuum, with little tangible evidence to differentiate one widget from the next. FishLab is the answer. Our gonzo research and development facility develops and executes experiments for all manner of saltwater fishing gear, tackle, apparel, and accessories.

Using “scientific” analysis and "verified" methods, FishLab has revolutionized the way gear is tested, putting it up against the most extreme and unpredictable conditions. When our lab technicians (really just a couple gifted but troublesome misfits) receive their assignments, there’s no telling what experiments they will come up with. Chances are it will fall somewhere between possible danger and imminent destruction.

When a performance T-shirt claims to be fast-drying or a conventional reel boasts of aircraft-grade metals, we are there with hurricane simulators and heavy construction equipment. Burning that midnight oil for the angling public; busy as a one-legged cat in a sandbox.

From cutting-edge tackle to game-changing apparel, FishLab tests them so your crazy Uncle Bob doesn’t have to.