The World's Best Sport-Fishing Destinations for July

We track the best fishing for marlin and sailfish around the world

Pack your bags for great fishing this month off the Canary Islands, Bermuda's Challenger Bank or the drop-offs and rips around Kona, Hawaii, or stay a bit closer to home and hit Florida or Texas instead. The choice is yours, limited only by budget and imagination. Our editors' dream trip: targeting big blue marlin and giant bluefin tuna off La Gomera in the eastern Atlantic. Great fishing combined with perfect weather sounds like a perfect summer getaway.

Blue Marlin
While blues can be caught in Kona's calm seas year-round, July is one of the best for bigger fish.

Canary Islands
Blue Marlin and Bluefin Tuna
Blues and big tuna will both crash lures in this eastern Atlantic hot spot.

Florida Panhandle
Blue and White Marlin
Troll dead bait to target blues and whites off Destin.

Blue Marlin
July marks the start of the Bermuda Triple Crown series.

Blue Marlin
Troll the rigs and rips well offshore for shots at Texas blues.

Turks and Caicos
Blue Marlin
The action lights up this month in the waters surrounding this idyllic Caribbean paradise.