Best Underwater Billfish Videos

Dredge-cam footage of marlin, sailfish, dolphin, makos and more

The dredge cam is really starting to heat up sport-fishing videography. Now anyone can go out and buy a GoPro and TrollPro to start shooting their own underwater videos! I scoured the Web in search of the best dredge-cam footage, and these six videos are what I came up with. If you know of a better video, feel free to link to it in the comments section below.

**6. Best of the DR **

The Dominican Republic is full of both blue and white marlin, and the water is a crystal-clear blue color. In this video, Sandman trolls around and catches some marlin on its dredge cam. You can see a marlin chasing their teaser too.

5. Mako Attacks Dredge

This past Labor Day weekend, Delta Dawn caught this shark trying to eat its dredge. Surprisingly, this is not too uncommon. My father told me that a giant hammerhead once came up and swallowed his entire dredge in one bite! It broke the downrigger off in the gunwale and took the whole thing with it!

P.S. It isn’t my joke, so don’t get mad at me.

4. Blue Marlin Scopes Out Dredge

Here, Pumpin Hard captures a blue marlin checking out their dredge. Further into the video, you can see a school of dolphin following and attacking the skirted ballyhoo.

3. Tease Them Up

In this video, Carnivore has some teaser shots of blues, whites, dolphin and more. They show some nice angles of the fish from both underwater and the tower. A little before the two-minute mark, there is a shadow of what appears to be a mammal of some kind. Maybe you can guess what it is.

2. Tuna & Whitey Attacking the Dredge

Here are some exciting scenes of a school of tuna following and attacking Pumpin Hard's dredge. Later on in the video, a white comes up and swats its bill at the bait.

1. Sail

This is by far my favorite dredge-cam video. It was shot in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, aboard Blue Moon. They captured huge schools and sails and did a wonderful job with the editing.

Do you know of a better dredge-cam video? Then post it in the comments so we can check it out.