Aerial Views of Giant Tuna

Pilot and photographer Wayne Davis gets a view from the top.

Photographer and pilot Wayne Davis shot these amazing aerial photos over the open ocean of giant tuna swimming in beautiful formations. Flip through all the images and you'll even see the surprise shark and whale join them. You can view more images from Wayne Davis and contact him at his website: Davis /
Tuna on the move.Wayne Davis /
A lone giant on Sewell Ridge.Wayne Davis /
A perfect school.Wayne Davis /
Bluefins at Three Dory Ridge.Wayne Davis /


Bluefins cruisin' along...Wayne Davis /
Cruising giants make a splash.Wayne Davis /
Giants in hunting formation.Wayne Davis /
Giants cartwheeling on Mayo Swell.Wayne Davis /
Humpback whale and giants.Wayne Davis /
Swordfish along the surface.Wayne Davis /
Giants at Harvey Black's.Wayne Davis /
Cruising in line.Wayne Davis /
Giants in the waves.Wayne Davis /
Herring for lunch.Wayne Davis /
Bluefins and hags.Wayne Davis /
Wall-to-wall bluefins.Wayne Davis /
Mixing it up on Mayo Swell.Wayne Davis /
Basking shark and bluefins.Wayne Davis /
Shining swimmers.Wayne Davis /
Giants on the move.Wayne Davis /
Making wakes.Wayne Davis /