5 Jaw-Dropping Billfish Videos

Some of the craziest billfish videos that you can find on the web.

Billfishing can be one of the most exciting sports on the planet. But excitement is usually accompanied by some danger. Witness for yourself as you watch these 5 heart-dropping billfish videos.

No. 5 This angler was all set up and ready to fight a massive marlin. The only problem was that the line got wrapped around the rod tip!

No. 4 Captain Ron Hamlin and his crew were having a good day of fishing. But, it got ugly when a 300-pound marlin flew into the boat and stabbed a man!

3. Sometimes big sharks will eat marlin that are worn out from a long fight. These divers dodged a bullet when a 600-pound mako shot past them while going after a blue marlin.

2. The guys on the B&M caught a nice size sword off of Bud & Mary's Marina in the Florida Keys. However, things got a little scary when the 189-pound fish pulled the mate overboard!

1. This could be one of the most extreme marlin videos ever caught on tape. This angler was set up in his fighting chair when a massive marlin leaped into the boat and stabbed him in the face!