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30 Days of Giveaways - AFTCO Wire Max Gloves

October 6 & 27 prizes

AFTCO Wire Max Gloves

AFTCO Wire Max Gloves

The AFTCO Bluefever™ WIREMAX - designed using the expertise of Peter B. Wright, world famous big game skipper and author - is the ultimate glove for leadering big fish. Closed cell EVA foam covered with super tough Armortex® wraps hand and lines palm, fingers and thumb to maximize protection when handling mono, wire or cable leaders. Durable Tacky-Grip palm and Spandura® forchettes improves dexterity, while foam-backed mesh keeps fingers cool and protected. Wrap-around neoprene strap with Velcro® closure over woven cuff assures support and repels leader snags. $85 a pair



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