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April 02, 2014

New Airline Opens, Bases Its Flagship on Flying Fish

Flying Fish Airlines uses design from the marine fish species to construct an ultimate skipping charter plane.

Flying Fish Airlines is open for business.

The airlines is based in Easter Island (the fact that it shares a name with the Polynesian island is a meaningless coincidence) and will be starting off its charter operation with its flagship, the FF650 (blueprint available in the gallery above). 

"The FF650 is a sleek design, based on the pectoral fins of a true flying fish," says Ed Baloo, chief pilot and owner of Flying Fish Airlines. "The FF650 will glide along most waters, but will enter the ocean for a brief time."

Don't be frightened of that technicality, the FF650 has the ability for underwater travel. 

"The tail of the plane will flap up to 70 times per second and then enters the ocean for minutes at a time," Baloo says. "With the plane's underwater rudders and lock-tight engineering, nothing will go wrong. The aerodynamics of the flagship also uses the the updrafts created by a combination of air and ocean currents. This will save much on gas."

The FF650 is the first of its kind, combining aviation and submarine technology to give its passengers a feeling of safety and eco-friendliness.

The flagship is due out this summer. 

Email for more questions or to book a trip. Also visit the Flying Fish Airlines website for all the details.