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October 30, 2013


Marlin University Testimonials from Costa Rica Students



Miami 2014 — Swordfishing & Kitefishing


This trip was truly an experience that happens only once in a lifetime! I learned more than I ever imagined and was able to fish with some of the best captains in the world. Not only were the accommodations and staff the best in the business, but I didn't have to do any of the leg work to organize such an action-packed week! There is nowhere else in the world someone would have access to all of the tools and teachers that Marlin University provided. I would highly recommend a Marlin University trip to anyone wanting to begin ‘fishing career’ or to even a seasoned fishermen wanting to fine tune their skills as an angler.

Miami 2014


It is not possible in any other way I can conceive f or me to experience the kind of f ishing, location, and instruction by veteran f ishermen that Marlin University provides. It was also a great pleasure to meet and share with so many like-minded souls.

Miami 2014


Great Experience For Charter Crew


Marlin U offers an informal platform to ask all the questions I wanted to know about Marlin fishing & boat handling, from the gear to lures & techniques. The first-hand knowledge I gained with legendary Capt Peter B Wright for the duration of the program was priceless & invaluable, and meeting both Peter Wright & Dave Farrell was truly an honor...with the opportunity to fish with world class crews & Captains at Kona being the icing on the cake. I would definitely recommend this program to any game fishing charter crew in the world, as the knowledge & experience I gained has increased my game fishing knowledge, expertise & confidence. It can only raise your game as it has done significantly for me on my fishing charters and allow you to see how you measure up against world class fishing charters!

Captain Mike T.
Kona 2013


Best Trip I’ve Ever Done


As a novice big game fisherman I felt from the outset that the instruction that I received at Marlin University was exemplary, professional and had credibility by virtue of the quality instructors, captains and crew. The boats were very well equipped, comfortable and able to cater easily for mixed company. Briefings ensured everyone was aware what to do when it was &dlquo;game on”. Everyone at Marlin Uni Kona 2013 got along from day 1 and there was spirited competition between boats with everyone attending catching at least 1 big fish, combination of spearfish and blue marlin. Even when it wasn’t your fish it was exhilarating, with an air of excitement amongst everyone. I happened to be at the helm with the captain, Kevin Nakamaru, when a blue marlin was hooked and adrenalin took over. Kevin smiled widely and went to work on positioning the boat to assist the angler. We were then privileged to see a superb display by the fish as it did its best to try and dislodge the hook. We all watched it dart about, leap into the air and dance across the water in a sensational fight testing the skills of Thierry as he reeled it in. Matt expertly managed the leader and got it by the boat for tagging and photos. I can’t say strongly enough that all staff, captains and crew made this a most enjoyable experience. The fishing tournament between boats on the final day of fishing was an absolute buzz, made it heaps of fun and included a fantastic prize and trophy for the winning team. Partners were well catered for with a variety of trips and were well looked after by Marlin University staff. They did all they could to make the experience equally enjoyable for partners and were very mindful of the needs all partners, including my daughter (nearly 8 months pregnant). Although my wife and I have been overseas many times we agreed that this was the best trip we have ever done, we combined Marlin University with a week in Waikiki. I am totally hooked on fishing for the ‘big ones’ and we are already planning another trip. We also intend to keep in touch with some of our new friends with whom we shared this experience.

Thanks so much for the sensational experience,
Kona 2013


This fishing trip with Marlin University far exceeded my expectations


This fishing trip with Marlin University far exceeded my expectations. The fishing and instruction was fantastic, and the accommodations were excellent. This was my first trip with Marlin University, and it definitely won’t be my last!

J.B. - Guatemala 2013


The Best Thing I’ve Done When It Comes to Fishing


The Marlin University was the best thing I've done when it comes to fishing. I learned a lot during the day with this team of instructors and classes at night. This completed my apprenticeship. My experience was great and I intend to do it again.

A.M. - Guatemala 2012


Great Trip…I’d Recommend it to Anyone!


I have read a lot of articles on billfishing but had done little. I did catch one sailfish in Panama and saw others jumping in the distance. I have never caught a marlin or been in a boat when one was caught. The Marlin University program looked good to me, and Guatemala seemed like the most likely location to see some billfish up close. I was not disappointed. We trolled the vast open waters of the Pacific west of Guatemala for four days and we caught dozens of sailfish and saw dozens more. The staff members were very knowledgeable and helpful. My fellow anglers were there because of feelings similar to mine. It was a great trip, and I would recommend it to anyone.

L.H. - Guatemala 2012


Instructors Are Pros


Dave and Peter, it was an honor learning the proper techniques of big game fishing from you guys. You guys really know your stuff, you are true pros…obviously!
Proud to say I fished with you guys. You definitely taught me a lot. I will be back. I’ll get better at the hookup percentages.
You guys separated a lot of fact from fiction for me also. Now I’ll know the BS when I hear it.
Dave, thanks for the tagging opportunity, very cool.

B. Ludlum - Costa Rica 2012


Marlin University Alumni Success


I wanted to send a little thank you to the staff at Marlin U. After learning how to fish the circle hook in Costa Rica, I actually knew exactly what to do yesterday when I had a white come up on me. We had 3 in the spread and all I focused on was mine, made a perfect drop back, and when it was all said and done, we lost two but I brought mine to the boat. Until I started going on the trips with MU, I would have most likely lost mine also.

See you in Panama

Doug S. - June 6, 2011


Great friendships were forged


I have been deep sea sportfishing for most of my life – it is basically what I live for after family. I travel 8 to 10 times a year to various locations in order to pursue my passion for the sport. I thought I was a knowledgeable and accomplished angler until I took this course. I now realize how much I really didn't know and can't stress how much better I was able to become in just a few days. Attending Marlin U has enhanced my abilities and deepened the enjoyment I derive from the sport. The staff that puts it on are all excellent and a true pleasure to interact with. The arrangements and accommodations were beyond expectations. I would encourage all anglers to attend a course and get a chance to learn from and fish with some of the worlds very best in the field. An added bonus is some great friendships were forged as well. The experience was well worth every penny of the cost. I will definitely be attending again!

Joe - Guatemala 2011






JC - Guatemala 2011


Coming Back for More


We had fantastic time fishing with Marlin U in Costa Rica.  The instructors, captains, and crews were extremely helpful and made the learning experience truly enjoyable.  We are definitely planning on attending again.

Peter G. - Costa Rica 2010


2nd Marlin University


Galapagos was a tremendous striped marlin fishery. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to practice their bait and switch techniques. This was my second Marlin University; I'm planning on more in the future.

Terry. - Galapagos 2010

Well Experienced Teachers


I didn't know what to expect when I signed up but I had a great time as well as met some eager anglers and fantastic, well experienced teachers. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone who loves to fish!

Tom - Galapagos 2010

MU Alumni Wins Tournaments


I want to thank you and everyone at Marlin U. My brother and I fished St Thomas a few years ago. I finally bought the Grady White and moved back to Light House Point, FL. So far I've entered two Marlin Tournaments, the 2010 Dudley Robert's Invitational in Eleuthera and this last weekend The 2010 Key West Marlin Tournament. I'm VERY HAPPY to say we won them both. What a great start.

Thanks to Marlin U and everyone involved, who take the time to offer a great way to learn.

Dan - St Thomas 2007

Learning while having fun


Thanks guys, we had a great time! The best way to learn while having fun at the same time!

See ya next time!

Capt. J.

Best thing I ever did


Absolutely the best thing I ever did for myself. The ability to learn different techniques is limited only by what knowledge you can retain. Staff will answer any and all questions, even when you ask them for the second or third time, and more than willing to show you multiple times. I can't wait to see the list of next year's destination since my first session with Marlin University since it only fueled my desire to learn and experience more!

Doug - Kona 2010

3rd Marlin U


This is my third Marlin U and it was just as rewarding as the first two. Nice job on the logistics' of getting us there, the selection of magnificent boats (crews) and information exchanged. Can't wait for the next one.

Bob - Kona 2010

Lady Anglers love Marlin U


We met a lot of new people with the same interest. At first I wasn't sure how I would be received being a woman in a traditional mans sport. I am part owner of a tackle store and hear a lot of men coming into the store and making comments about leaving there wives at home when they go "fishing", but it turned out that I was the only one that felt that way. A lot of the other male anglers offered their own tips as we shared our fishing experiences. On tournament day I think about half of the male anglers came up to me and wished us luck and hoped that we would win. So for any women out there undecided about going on one of these trips I highly recommend it. Please put your preconceived feelings aside and be ready to experience an awesome informative trip with knowledgeable instructors in a place that may be a once in a life time trip for you.

Debbie - Kona 2010

Coming Back for More


Marlin University was one of the best fishing experiences of my life. Wonderful people, first rate boats, captains and crews and the right place at the right time. I've gotten lucky and caught a few more fish before, but I've never been in such fine waters with the possibility of catching a fish of a lifetime. I am coming back for more.

Woody- Panama 2009

Highly Recommend


I would definitely recommend a Marlin University trip to anyone no matter what their skill level. Even if you feel you know everything about saltwater fishing (which no one does) there is not anything more enjoyable than spending a week with 15 - 20 individuals from diverse backgrounds that enjoy the same things you do. This is even more true when all the work is done for you and all you're responsible for is showing up on time for the meals, seminars and fishing. While the fishing was slower than expected, our three man group managed to catch 2 blue marlin, 4 sails and your normal assortment of dorado and skipjack tuna over 4 days. I was able to obtain more knowledge in 4 days than I could of over another 10 years of fishing on my own.

T.B.- Panama 2009

Most Impressed


The most impressive thing, in a long list of impressive things, about the Marlin University session in St. Thomas which I recently attended, was the attitude of both Peter and David. I imagine few practitioners of any sport, particularly those as experienced as this pair, spend as much time analyzing and subjecting to test accepted ideas and theories, in order to refine and improve their sport. This has led to their demonstration of how some popular, traditional methods are clearly incorrect and/or inefficient. In fishing, like life, common sense, is all too uncommon. I left St. Thomas with many a myth dismissed through logic and evidence. Please keep up the research and new idea generation!

S.A- St Thomas 2009

Top of Your List


If one wishes to start into fishing, and or escalate their skills in fishing, this adventure should be at the top of your list.

R. Bennett- Costa Rica 2 - 2009

Learn from the Pros



Soon we’ll be planning the next big adventure and hopefully we can talk a few more of our friends into coming. If you haven’t been Marlin fishing before, or even if you have, I fully recommend that you attend a Marlin University and get the basics from those who know. Not only do you learn how to catch a Marlin, you may just learn to respect them as well. I know I sure did.

O. Bliss – Costa Rica 1 – 2009



Attending Marlin University was more than the adventure I was seeking, the instruction and camaraderie was sensational.

Dave W. – Cabo San Lucas – 2008

A Must Do


Definitely a ‘must do’ for any offshore fisherman. The seminars helped dispell myths that are famous among fishermen. Nothing substitutes for actually learning from someone who has actually been successful in big game fishing.

A.L – Cabo 2008

Exceeded my expectations


“The trip was awesome! We met up with Dave Ferrell, Peter Wright and Walker Holcomb in the Miami airport. Dave noticed our Marlin University bags and introduced himself, Peter and Walker. They were very friendly and told us about the trip and what to expect.

Let me just say that the trip definitely exceeded my expectations. Being a captain and an experienced tournament angler, I was skeptical about how much I would actually learn. After fishing with Peter Wright the first day, I realized how much I did not know and how much I could learn from fishing with people of this caliber. Each day I learned something new from each of the instructors on the boat and during the seminars in the evenings.”

Bruce C.

Costa Rica 2008

Exotic location, excellent fishing


“It’s a long way from New Zealand to Costa Rica, and there certainly were plenty of other places I could have gone fishing with a lot less travel and cost to get there, but the combination of the exotic location, excellent fishing and the tuition made this an experience I would do again in a heartbeat.”
David W.

Costa Rica 2008



Thanks a million


“To all at Marlin University, a big thanks from Panama. To be taught by the world’s best instructors was indeed a privilege. The one-to-one instruction was just incredible and has given me the confidence to handle big fish. I can honestly say that I never enjoyed a class or course as must as I did in Costa Rica; it all boils down to being in the company of great people and having great fishing. As we say in Ireland, “The Craic was 90,” and so was the fishing. Once again, thanks a million; I loved it!”
Peter M.

Costa Rica 2008



Think again


“If you think you know how it’s done, think again. Marlin U will surely teach you more with a lot more fun!”
Pedro N.

Costa Rica 2008



The Trip of a Lifetime

Testimonials pic 2  

To Marlin University:

“The best thing about Marlin U is that you are guaranteed to be fishing with the best crews on the best boats that are available in that area or even the world. The captains and mates know you are there to learn, so they are eager to tell you everything: their techniques in bait rigging, terminal tackle and what the captain is looking for. This information would take you years at sea to learn, and they are ready and willing to tell you everything.
This was the trip of a lifetime; my goal was to catch a black marlin and learn from the best crews in the world. I hoped to catch more than one black, and my wildest dream was to get a shot at a grander. Well, mission accomplished: multiple blacks, a grander black and a ton of knowledge. I’ve been home for three days, and I can’t stop thinking about this trip. I don’t think I will ever stop thinking about it.

Thank you very much for the best fishing trip of my life.”
Chris P.
Great Barrier Reef

November  2007



The excitement will take your breath away


“This was my second Marlin U, and I’m looking forward to my third sometime in the future. The excitement of seeing a 500-plus-pound black marlin come out of the water just behind the boat will take your breath away. Watching these highly skilled crews clear the cockpit and wire these beasts is a sight that cannot be explained, only experienced. Well worth the cost and time to get to Australia.
We finished off the week with a doubleheader of a 500- and a 900-plus-pound fish. To listen to the captain shout to the crew, “Quit messing around (or something like that) and get rid of the little one,” with the little one being about twice the size we see in the Florida Keys, is a quote that will stay with me forever.”
Capt Bob D.
Great Barrier Reef

November 2007



The very best Captains and Crews


“The strength of Marlin U, in my opinion, is its ability to assemble the very best captains and crews in the right place at the right time. That is unique and can’t be matched by anyone else putting travel packages together.”
Richard D.

Great Barrier Reef 2007



Hooked on Marlin Fishing

Testimonials pic 1  

“I want to compliment you on Marlin University. My recent experience as an attendee in Costa Rica was fantastic. You’ve done a great service for the fishing community with this concept.
I’ve fished all my life, own several boats and enjoy good success with our local Florida backcountry, bay and nearshore species. But other than a few “tourist trips,” I’d not fished for billfish in any serious way. Last year, while in the Florida Keys with my brother-in-law (also an attendee at Marlin U), we decided to try something new and set out in search of bigger game. As in years past, we had been bagging blackfin, mahi and wahoo regularly during the trip but now wanted to try for marlin. We had read (in Marlin magazine) of several spots at the “Wall” said to attract them.

We got to the Wall and saw the depth fall away below the 2,000-foot limit of the sounder. Lacking any real experience, we set out some medium-sized smoker-head lures on flat lines and riggers. We had one big lure. We wound that one on to the 80 and set it back on the shotgun. Not 20 minutes later, with a giant splash a hundred yards back, the big lure was crushed. The center rigger twanged like a guitar string, and the heavy rod bent in a semicircle.

Unfortunately, all this lasted just a moment. We hadn’t hooked the marlin, but we had certainly gotten hooked on marlin fishing. We spent two more days trolling this area and saw a least a dozen marlin swimming or crashing the surface. Though fairly expert at most other kinds of fishing, this new game was a mystery, and each time we saw another marlin, we lamented our lack of knowledge.

A month after we returned home from that trip, I opened up the new issue of Marlin and saw the ad for Marlin University. It seemed tailor-made to answer my questions about this new style of fishing. What a wonderful opportunity to learn from the experts. I’m delighted to say I wasn't disappointed.

Not only was Carrillo an extraordinary venue with pleasant accommodations, perfect weather and calm seas, but the captains and boats were all first-rate and very forthcoming. It also didn’t hurt that on our first day we had more than 30 sailfish at the boat with over 20 landed. That’s a hell of a first billfish experience!

However, the seminar sessions were maybe even better. Nagging little questions I’d had for years involving specialized rigging, boat handling and tackle were answered with perfect clarity. To then see all this applied the next day on the water really drove the lessons home.

We will be heading to the Bahamas and back to the Wall again this summer. Thanks to you and the “University,” this time we’ll be ready.”
Best Regards,

Norman Worthington



More in four days than in years of fishing


“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your professional staff for the fantastic job you did planning, preparing and executing the Marlin University session in Costa Rica. Everything was perfect: weather, location, accommodations, food, boats and crews. And the fishing was unbelievable! I especially appreciated the educational seminars and the opportunity to learn from world-class captains and mates who have so much experience and success. I learned more in four days than in years of fishing.”
Thanks for a great time,

Kenneth D. Keating



Big Pacific Blue


By applying information learned during the course of 4 days, I was able to hook up , bring to boat, tag and release a 400 plus pound Pacific Blue Marlin on 50 lb. test line and 16 lbs. drag all within 35 minutes , even after 4 attempts before tagging the fish.

S.F. – Guatemala 2009





Overall I would rate the entire experience a 6 on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being extraordinary.

T. O - Guatemala 2009